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Todays guest is a lady who quite simply wont take no for an answer.

But unusually it is the no’s that she actively seeks out, and not like the rest of us the much more appealing “Yes’s

She believes that we are the products of our self-limiting beliefs in life.

We are frightened of what people are going to say.

We are frightened of what people are going to think.

We are frightened of people saying “No” to us.

So along with her business partner Richard Fenton she is actively helping individuals and organizations overcome self-imposed limitations and achieve breakthrough performance. 

They do this by sharing what they are known for best… Go for No!®

“Be brave people” she literally shouts across America and the world, and go get what you deserve.

So just in case you think that this ballsy approach was after a sudden epiphany in adulthood, then it seems like our guest was more than a bit positive as  child, even contacting George

Lucas to ask if she could work on Star Wars with him at the age of 8.

Ok, who thought “well she was always going get turned down by George Lucas”…..see a self-limiting thought.

So with presentations, media performances, and bestselling books to her name what No is she looking for now?

Well let’s find out as we start joining up dots, with the one and only Andre Waltz.

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