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Todays guest is man who has learnt the secret of travelling the world, whilst being funded by something he already had.

If that sounds a bit cryptic all will be revealed in the show.

But its true to say that todays guest does not follow a normal path in life

Starting his adult working life after finishing his education in the Netherlands, he worked for an arbitrage trading firm for 6 years.

It was a normal kind of job that many of us have endured. Long hours, boring work, but hey at the end of the day it paid.

And isn't that why most of us started going to work in the first place anyway.

But he knew that he wanted more.

So at the age of 32, he revaluated his life goals and came up with a question to ponder.

Did he want to slave away at a mildly stimulating profession so he could perch atop a pile of assets at the ripe age of 65?

And after asking himself that question he knew it was time to leap into the unknown.

So in March of 2010, with no backup plan or prospect of gainful employment, he quit his job to pursue his lifelong dream: ultimate freedom.

How exciting is that?

So how many of you listeners would be brave enough to do just that, and of course was our guest brave or simply frightened that life was slipping away?

Well lets find out, as bring onto the show to start joining up the dots of his life, the one and only, Jasper Ribbers

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