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Todays guest is someone who likes to ask four key questions as he seeks to build the life of his dreams

How can I have more free time?

How can I make money doing what I love?

How can I travel the world pursuing my passions?

How can I run a real business from my laptop, anywhere in the world?

They seem very good question to ask yourself I would have thought, and perhaps another question is why do so many people not ask them very same questions themselves?

But the journey to budding entrepreneur, and smart and debonair businessman was not a usual one, as we normally find on Join Up Dots.

From developing a love of music and travelling from his Dad, our guest first stepped into young adulthood as a wannabe Jon Bon Jovi, travelling around Europe and the States playing his guitar in bars, and getting up to god knows what in Amsterdam.

But it was when he landed in Nashville, the home of country music, that the path to his unique and authentic self started becoming apparent.

Along with his business partner, our budding Bon Jovi decided that they had two choices: One sign for a record company, or two: build their own record company and retain control of their music, image rights and everything else that goes into making a band.

They took the bold choice, and so started a love of business that brings him onto the show today.

So lets introduce to you, and start joining up those dots, and of course find out what DID happen in Amsterdam, the one and only Mr Jesse Krieger.

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