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Todays guest is a lady who is driven to help us all achieve the highest levels of performance that we can.

To get hold of the dream life that we see so many people living, and cant quite believe that we can have ourselves.

When she was 26 she founded a PR and marketing company called Wired PR.

She knew PR, and was good at marketing and content marketing so it was going to be a breeze to take these skills and weave them into a successful business.

However it wasn't as easy as just playing to her strengths, as the actual running and growing a business threw up challenges day after day, which meant a lot of risk taking, obstacle avoidance, and I guess pure faith was needed time and time again.

And that is what this show is about, showing all our listeners that nobody has the answers when they start.

Nobody knows that things are going to work out.

And nobody ever avoids making mistakes in their life, and for most of us they are huge mistakes.

So how has our guest managed to slip though this minefield and come out the other end, still looking her glamorous self, pushing her own success to higher levels, and with even more desire to help others? 

Well lets find out as we bring onto the show the host of the "Successlab podcast", the one and only Beth Cochran  

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