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Todays guest is an chap from the UK with an interesting story to tell.

In fact it seems to me his whole life is built around the use of stories, and weaving them into amazing effective ways that can help us all unlock the doors and remove the obstacles that we find infront of us time and time again.

Doors to a life that is as much play as work, and as much work as play.

Being in the music and film industry for over 18 years , he has developed an approach that works well for creative types across the globe who flock to his warehouse in Seven Kings London.

Its an unsual approach which for many might seem a bit strange....infact after reading his personal website, he seems to thrive by being, well, slightly out of the mainstream shall we say!

As he says

"People ask me what I do and I always hesitate – I was a psychotherapist for 13 years, then I tried calling myself a coach, I’ve been to India and trained in Tantra but that doesn’t quite qualify me to call myself a Guru and I’ve been buried alive and fasted in the wilderness for days on end but that doesn’t quite make me a Shaman… and Psycho-therapeutic Shamanic Coaching Guru is a real mouthful"

So lets find out what he calls himself today, as we bring onto the show to start joining up the dots of his life, the author of "Play from your f***ing heart" the one and only Jerry Hyde!

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