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Todays guest is an amazing lady who has over the last few years become a real online mover and shaker, whilst playing the game on her own terms.

She has the hustle muscle working all over her body, and has over the last few years since leaving her hometown in New Zealand, taken such consistent action she is in a place that so many people would like to be in.

In fact she is in many places that people would like to be, as due to her drive she has become a travelling entrepreneurial powerhouse building a thriving online business, whilst on a mission to ensure 100,000 entrepreneurs create

freedom in business and adventure in life by 2020 too.

Literally living out of her suitcase for years on end, she has balanced this amazing ability to find stable wifi , whilst also finding adventure in every corner.

From becoming a world record holder at Dragon Boating, to body sculpting, to winning countless Online awards, it seems to me that everything she has achieved  is by having the guts to step out of her comfort zone on a daily basis.

She has taken on obstacles and challenges which were never guaranteed stepping stones to success, but still wanted more and more.

But as we see time and time again in our success stories, that ability to go into the "Scary Zone" is the best way to take you onto greater and greater levels of achievement.

So I am delighted to see her doing so well, and of course delighted to have her on the show.

So lets bring on to the show, to start joining up the dots of her life, the one and only "Suitcase Entrepreneur" Natalie Sisson.

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