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At the end of each show you will hear me say the words "Please come back again when you have more dots to join up as I believe that by joining up those dots and connecting our pasts its the best way to build our futures".Well todays guest is doing just that, as they previously appeared way back in the first week of Join Up Dots, episode seven to be precise.He is a man who inspires me daily by his positive outlook, ability to overcome huge challenges and his desire to have an amazing life.As you will hear in todays episode its really the kind of life that we could all have, if we only are brave enough, make good financial decision’s and want it bad enough.Several years ago he was treading the  same path that the majority of us have trod over the years.Working long hours at the expense of seeing his children and family.Striving to build a business that ultimately didn’t fulfil him.And banishing the dreams that he had, to be a writer, he struggled on and on.Finally with a debt of over $100,000, overweight, over-stressed, and deeply unhappy he came to a crossroads in his life.He knew that he had to change direction and claim a life of his own.And that is where we left him at the end of episode seven, so if you want to feel the force of his full story, stop listening now and jump to the beginning.We will wait for you to get back.But if you are already inspired by what you have already heard, lets continue as we bring onto the show once more, to join up more dots, the one and only Mr Kimanzi Constable.

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