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Todays guest quite brazenly states "I have a super-power.I can teach anyone to make money from anywhere at anytime.But I choose to use my superpowers for good and not evil to teach first

that money is truly not whats its all about."She helps people design a life of their choosing,by developing income streams to bring in the kind of wealth that they need to do this.Since

stepping away from the corporate world,along with her trusty laptop she has inspired many to do just that, and kick the restraints and grab hold of their dreamlives.However, these are

not get rich quick schemes, as she says" I teach people to create the resources they need to live the life that they choose with the understanding that building dreams takes time and

commitment. Your dreams may not come true tomorrow but they will come true."Not only that, as a founder of "Galahads"a movement to inspire women to take greater control of their lives,

careers and prospects,without us men getting involved,she is building a strong network across the globe too.Really helping ladies again, to create their own reality.So what made her step

away from her career with A&T,when so many people would have considered this a job for life?And why does she feel a need for a society to help women so passionately?And does she really

take her laptop with her everywhere....and I mean everywhere!Well lets find out as we bring onto the show to joining up dots, the one and only laptoplisa.......Lisa-Marie Cabrelli

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