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Todays guest is a lady who has developed something that is quite simply a wow.Have you ever been to the Doctors or Dentist and had to have an injection,and even though you look away the pain is still dreadful.Is it the anticipation of having a shot that hurts?Is it the thought of it? Or is it the actual needle entering the body that does the damage?Well,whatever it is, its without a doubt a fear that effects both children and adults.And after training as a paediatrician our guest realised, whilst seeing her children distressed, it was up to her to control the pain, in a harmless,friendly way.So she set to work and developed a multi faceted pain relief tool "Buzzy", which is taking the world by storm.So lets start discussing how Buzzy came about?Lets find out how many variations of the product have been developed on the way to this huge success. And has the success been something that has delighted her, or just taken her away from her original life purpose and into the world of entrepreneurial ventures?I have no idea,but I am going to find out as we bring onto the show, to start joining up the dots of her life, and of course "Buzzys" the one and only Dr Amy Baxter.

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