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Todays guest is a man who has an amazing talent for finding the optimum way of building productivity into your life.

The go to resource for companies across the world who want to make themselves lean, save cash, and drive their profits ever skywards.

But it hasn't been plain sailing, as we see time and time again on Join Up Dots, as before becoming an entrepreneur, he continually set personal records at the speed that he would quit jobs.

It was rare that he stuck to anything, and it become apparent to him early that he hated  working for other people whom he didn’t truly admire or aspire to learn from.

And that's when he realized that his options were to either become an entrepreneur or become homeless.

So from his college dormitory he started building business, and the rest as we say is history.

So lets find out what this former college football player and pro fighter, thinks of his younger version when we send him back in time.

And what are his aims as he looks at the legacy he will leave on this world?

Big questions, and big answers, which means its time to bring onto the show to start joining up the dots of his life, the one and only Travis Steffen.

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