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Todays guest is someone who has been moving and shaking since entering the real estate world way back when he was just 22.

In fact by the time he was 27 he was living abroad fulltime and could claim to have sold properties in five countries.

Nothing like getting into the nitty gritty of business as soon as you can after all.

So if you want to find a condo in Columbia.

A Flat in France

Or even a pad in Bhagdad then he is your man.

Well that might be stretching it a bit, but he certainly is in the know when it comes to current methods of securing or selling a home abroad.

With a top rated podcast, sharing great interviews and insider tricks, and his booming online business, he lets you know the honest approach to the best ways to go about living abroad.

And that my faithful listeners is all I can tell you about him, as I found the man to be like Jason Bourne,  James Bond, or the invisible man, as I literally could not find anything about him online.

Not where he was born, grew up, favourite pastime, nothing.

He is an international man of mystery

So its a delight that I have lured him onto the show, not only find out more about his work and to of course join up dots, but to ask is your real name "Taylor White"

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