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Todays guest was destined to live a life of helping people since getting her first job as a nurse way back in 2008.I would guess that we can track this side of her character to an even earlier age too.As since entering the medical profession she has always had the drive not just to get the best out of people physically, by using normal medical means, but also by inspiring greatness with alternative medicine and positive reinforcement.And as we see time and time again, its the mental well-being that really pushes people through the gears, and helps them achieve the life that they deserve.And now as a firm believer and create of "The Magic Of Mojo" and "Bodacious Branding" she is taking this ability to interact, engage and inspire into the business word across the globe.So how did this lady grow up in Washington DC, but then end up obtaining a masters in Edinburgh Scotland?And what made her leave the medical profession and head into the corporate world?And are people surprised when during corporate presentations she suddenly bursts into song to entertain the audience?Well lets find out as we bring onto the show to start joining up dots, The National Association of Professional Women’s Woman of the Year  the one and only Ariana Ayu.

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