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Todays guest is a lady that from an early age knew that she was driven to prove her talents to the world, and of course prove to herself what she could achieve.

From being born in Bavaria, and then moving to South Africa as a young girl, she recalls her childhood as a time of endless joy and adventure, and it was when she discovered for the first time the inspiring leadership qualities of nature.

But instead of staying in this idyllic situation she made the brave decision to jump across the world and start working for an American corporation that was to be the beginning of the American Dream that she wanted so much.

But the dream didn't last too long, as  after two years she realised her true passion was to inspire people across the world, with her focus on leadership, change and excellence.

From creating a company, to selling that company, to becoming the first and youngest ever Female president of the German DMA, to writing seven books and even excelling in television, she learnt, developed and conquered environments across the business spectrum

So when does she feel that her real self was born?

When did she realise that the leap of faith from corporate America was about to happen, and was she scared of the thought or invigorated by the upcoming challenges?

And what would she do differently if she got the chance?

Well lets find out as we bring onto the show to start Joining Up Dots with the one and only Kerstin Plehwe. 

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