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Todays guest calls herself "A mom with a towel"

She doesn't consider herself a celebrity, she isn't a millionaire, but she is someone who had a thought, transferred that thought into action, and created a business that is growing year on year.

A few years back she had an idea for a towel with a difference.

Such a different in fact that she was featured on ABC’s Emmy nominated reality show, Shark Tank, the US equivalent of our UK based version Dragons Den.

You know the programme, when some wannabe inventor or entrepreneur steps up to the plate and tries to convince the sharks or dragons, that their product is gold and worth investment.

Well our guest quite simply shone in the spotlight and ended up having three “Sharks” fighting over her and is the only entrepreneur in the show’s history to ever leave with a check in her hand. 

Her towel has now also been featured on The Today Show, The View and Good Morning America. 

Her story is one of overcoming huge challenges and obstacles and going for it.

As she says time and time again "Dream it, Believe it, Let it Go.” 

So what made this extraordinary mother decide that an idea she had was one worth persevering with?

How did she overcome those huge obstacles, not least the fear of failure?

And what was it about this item that made the sharks go into a feeding frenzy?

Well lets find out as we bring on to the show, to start joining up dots, the one and only Shelly Ehler

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