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Todays guest is a man who knows how to get into a ladies head, and understands what makes a woman tick.He has become a novelist, who focuses on content written from a females perspective, for women to enjoy.Growing up in a household that was dominated by strong female characters, he felt that he had beeen given the perfect education to step into the womans world.As he says "My mother and three aunts, each with their own unique temperament and assortment of quirks, had a profound affect on me as a child".And so he found his path with his debut novel "Teenie" being met with huge critical acclaim. But it wasn't an easy path, as  he has worked as an equities trader, beverage salesman, amusement park ride operator, human resources manager, actor, voice actor, chauffeur, and public speaker across the city of New York.So how did he get the realisation that it was time to put pen to paper in a style that I imagine would be quite difficult for a man to create?And now with his second novel "Genesis" about to be released in 2015 what has he got lined up for the future?The latest all conquering "Fifty Shades Of Grey" or just more quality writings by a man who knows his stuff?Well lets find out as I bring onto the show to start joining up dots, the one and only Mr Christopher Grant.

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