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Todays guest is a man who has a desire to give back to the world and empower the youth of today.
For the ages of 11 to 17 he is creating a movement to assist, support and empower young individuals that are living or have experienced issues in their personal lives that are quite simply too horrible for the majority of us to understand.

Abuse, both mental and physical, the stripping away of self esteem, the taking away of bright futures that should be a child’s right.

Leaving many with no other option than to feel they have to take their own lives.

He understands how they feel, as for many years he was just like them.

Trapped in a dark world as a child, that no child should endure.
Memories of trips to the circus. Visits to the park, or just fun and free moments which all children should savour not something that he can look back at.

He tried to take his own life many many times, and thank god he didn’t succeed, as he is know fighting back.

His entrepreneurial journey has led him through many different dots, and its the joining of his dots that are so remarkable.

Remarkable as with each step he has taken into the light, his own personal light is burning brighter and brighter and now with his Human Project he is blazing a path for millions to follow.

As he says on his blog “I work daily to spread the message of H.U.M.A.N.; HOPE, UNDERSTANDING, MAKING A CHOICE, ACTION STEPS and NOURISHING THE POSSIBILITIES. I work with youth who are looking for new hope and a new path. Youth that refuse to let their surroundings dictate their outcome. Youth that want to become more then they are shown, told or given the resources to become. Youth that are willing to take action and make choices their parents were not able to do in their lives. My mission is to eliminate the words, “broken”, “worthless” and “victim” from the children’s vocabulary we reach. I speak all over the United States to children educating them on their REAL options in life. Informing them that all they must do is dream, act and nurture the possibilities to achieve ultimate joy.”

Before I have even spoken a word  to todays guest, I can say that he is a total inspiration to me, and so its with a huge honour that I bring onto the show to start joining up dots, the one and only Wesley Chapman.

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