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Todays guest, is not just an entrepreneur, but is something that believes that creating the perfect lifestyle is all about making the right decisions.

He is a man who has spent all his life being fascinated by what makes people tick.

And when it comes to working out why some people learn really easily, whilst others struggle then he is your man to go to.

Is it about the style of teaching, or the style of thinking that helps people learn?

Wow that’s a deep question to start with straight away, but hey, what a great question to ask, as todays guest has built his whole success around developing Cognician an interface needed to create discussions and ask insightful questions within the e-learning process.

Along with his brother, Barry he realised that there was a world out there that felt that e-learning lacked engagement, and was simply a platform based around multiple choices.

And I agree with them whole heartedly.

As they say At Cognician, “We believe that anyone is capable of learning something new if they have the right tools. It’s our mission to make such tools and to create the best online learning experience possible, which leads to sustainable behaviour change.

People don’t change easily. And giving them information won’t solve the problem on its own. If you want to change people’s behaviour, and allow them to build their perfect lifestyle then you need to start by changing the way they think. One really powerful way to do that is to give them new questions to ask. New questions turn their thinking in new directions. New thinking leads to new revelations. And these aha moments are what lead to genuine shift.”

This man is someone who is speaking my language big time, so its with huge delight that I get to bring onto the show to start joining up dots, the one and only Mr Patrick Kayton.

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