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Todays guest is a lady, who believes that entering into adult life with a solid education is extremely advisable, but entering into adultlife with the debt that education brings is not.

She was a college graduate who ended her education with zero student loans.

What I hear you say.....no student loans how is that possible!

Well, hang on a minute as if you think that sounds inplausible then consider that not only was her college bill paid for but she actually got paid to go to school too.

As the first in her family, she had to figure out the scholarship process on her own, and so successfully did this, she now wants to help other students and their families do the same and the first step has been writing the Amazon bestseller "The Scholarship System."

This best selling book details the exact strategies, and insider information that she uncovered which allowed her to bring in over $125,000 in scholarships and financial aid, paying her entire college bill and giving her extra cash each semester.

She was able to focus on her higher education rather than constantly worrying about money and how much student loan debt was piling up.

But that is just one part of her story as this is a lady who has an eye of creating a life that so few people are willing to create, and she is going for it Big time.

As she says "Recently I have realized that future options are endless and, while I have always taken advantage of those opportunities in front of me, I am now creating my own."

So how does someone come out of the education system with a mind-set so different from so many others, who focus in on a job, and not creating the opportunities that can lead to financial freedom instead?

Well let's find out as we bring onto the show to start joining up dots, the one and only Jocelyn Paonita.

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