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Todays guest is a father who has faced the most difficult of times,and in the process started changing the world.As an accomplished businessman,author and motivational speaker,he was a man in control.He coached groups of people large and small to help them overcome the challenges that can derail all of us in our professional lives.He helped increase revenue, he developed leaders, and improved teamwork, life was good.Little did he know however, that whilst this side of  his life was firing on all cylinders, his sons life was on a path that no parent would want them to be on.Discovering his son was taking heroin, living homeless, and devoid of positivity in his life, our guest had a choice to make.In fact he had no choice.He turned his life both personally and professionally on its head to face his sons problems head-on,and provide the love and support that a father only knows.And that was just the beginning of the tale.A story, with many twists and turns, successes and failures, and an usual mode of transport which you wouldn't expect to be part of the salvation of this father and son couple.So lets bring onto the show, to start Joining  Up Dots, the one and only Mr Dave Cooke. 

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Our guest today, comes onto the show with a drive to make life better for so many of us who spend our days in jobs we don't like.

I think already that we are connected at birth!

Starting his life with a dream to be a news anchor or game show host, he for some reason that we will find out about, decided instead to go into Corporate America, where for 15 years he surrounded himself with the kind of folk that have gone onto become his target audience.

The moaners and groaners, the dispirited, or simply the employees that need help to find their swing, develop their potential, get promoted and enjoy working for a living.

Well unlike many people who have got to a point in their career, where success is about maintaining instead of gaining, he decided that he was the man to help them.

Pausing his corporate gig, he went back to school and earned himself an MBA and PHD, which literally was the starting point to the second half of his working life, and what seems to me to be the unique path that he had been looking for all along.

Now with his "Career Revolution" platform consisting of a podcast, blog, video tips and empowering information to one and all he is firing on all cylinders.

As he says "Creating a career takes hard work, patience, planning and most importantly, someone to help you along the way."

So lets find out what was the tipping point to the leap of faith that started it all?

Lets find out if he would still like to be a game show host?

And most important lets find out how he has managed to find the time to have produced five girls, and one boy!

It is with pleasure that I bring onto the show to start joining up the dots of his life, the one and only Dr CK Bray.

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Todays guest entrepreneur is a master of an instrument that until recently I had never heard off, but upon stumbling upon some information on the web, I knew that I wanted to have him on my show.

He got to the top of the Hammered Dulcimer pile, when back in 2010 he won the National Championship, even though this was not an instrument that was on his radar even a few years previously.

As he says "For years I was a musician who played a lot of different instruments. Jack of all, master of none. The hammered dulcimer was just another instrument I could play a little on but not really kill it."

But with a bit of practice he is not only killing it, but actually smashing it to pieces too (which will make sense if you listen to the show)

So what was it about this instrument that really spoke to him, and allowed him to become a musician fulltime, traveling the country performing well known classics, with a unique twist.

Well lets find out, as we bring onto the show to start Joining up Dots, the one and only Ted Yoder.

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Our guest today joining us on the Join Up Dots podcast business interview is on an adventure, or I guess you could call it a quest.

On one hand he is trying to travel around the world without flying, and on the other hand he will be finding himself on the trip.

Discovering the type of person that can strike up conversations with complete strangers, experience unusual cultures with fascination and ease, and suffer all kinds of discomfort but keep moving forwards.

And if you think that this doesn't sound much, then just consider that our guest was extremely shy all the way through childhood into adulthood, and found building new relationships terrifying in the extreme.

But instead of allowing this to keep him rooted in a situation that he was unhappy with in 2007, he left his hometown of Waterford in Ireland and set off to New Orleans.

Simply due to the fact that he liked the Basketball team that played in the City.

And since that day, he has become interested in personal development, become a vegan, won a toastmasters contest, and started a website, which were dots towards taking the plunge on the last day of September 2011.

He left Ireland and headed east on a round the world trip, which he expects to take four years or so.

Good for him I say, and great for us that he has allowed himself a brief respite from the constant travelling to join me on the show today.

So lets introduce to you and start joining up the dots, with the one and only Niall Doherty.

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Todays guest is a man who can really turn us around no matter what our state of mind to focus on a positive future.

Living in the Milwaukee area of the United States he was on a path similar to the rest of us until one day on his 26th birthday, he came to a realisation.

And unfortunately it wasn't the type of realisation that was joined by clouds parting, angels singing and the like, but instead he was struck with pain, fears and worst of all self-disappointment.

He had hit the point in his life where it was time to make a change, and he grabbed this thought with both hands and ran with it.

As a child his dad was always listening to the motivational tapes, and filling his childrens heads with success quotes, and not in his wildest dreams could he have imagined that his path was intrinsically linked to one looking at mind-set, positivity, and helping others fulfil their dreams.

Good old Dad, for planting the seed that had grown without his knowledge for years and years into such a powerful force.

Our guest now runs a company called Operation Self Reset, which was launched on May 10, 2013, the day his son Nolan was born.

As he says "Nolan gave me the motivation to do what Nike has said for many years, "Just Do It."

And now he strives to provide us all with tools, tips, and stories on ways to reset our lives.

So lets bring onto the show, to start joining up dots, the one and only reset master Jacob Nawrocki 

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Todays guest is the first partner of a previous guest to ever be on the show.If you listened to episode 53, then you would have heard her husband speak, with passion, eloquence and more than a splash of humour on what he is doing to help us all make our best even better.But our guest is not just a wife and business partner,as she is a mover and shaker, zigger and zagger in her own right.A renowned speaker,she loves nothing more than inspiring large groups of women to take on the world together.Back in 2009, when the world was struggling under an economic downturn that left many fearing for their futures, our guest had an idea and a very powerful one too.She invited women business owners from across the globe to join forces once a month to combine resources, share ideas and become empowered to stimulate their own economy.A real powerful force of willing and participating action takers.The result has been tremendous; jobs have been created, services exchanged and hope renewed, which led to the creation of No More Nylons the company that hosts these Women’s Business Socials.But that is really the tip of the iceberg, as both of her and her husband thrive on creating, inspiring and delivering the possibility of a positive future to all of us.But what keeps her inspired?What makes her believe that she can achieve what she is aiming to do in the world?And what  makes her agree to come onto the show today, when she has so much on her plate?Well lets find out as we start Joining Up the Dots with the one and only Jodi Womack.

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Our guest today seems to be a man on a mission.Since first coming to my attention early last year,he has blazed a path across the online world on as many different platforms as he can.He is an inspiring lifestyle entrepreneur, online marketer, blogger, podcaster and personal branding strategist which isn’t a bad list to build a life changing income from.Originally from Stockholm, Sweden, his mission in life is to help and inspire others to be able to have a life that is 100% on their own terms. If you want to choose your hours, income, lifestyle, or just have….well a great time whilst you are on this planet then you couldn’t choose a better resource to turn too.

He is extremely passionate about helping entrepreneurs, aspiring lifestyle entrepreneurs and small business owners with their branding strategy, building their authority and personal brand online.

He is the host of the very popular podcast The Lifestyle Architects where he interviews inspiring and successful lifestyle entrepreneurs, but of course this is just a small part of what makes him who he is.So how has he done it?How has he achieved the success that he is getting?

And what is a lifestyle entrepreneur exactly?

Well lets find out as we start joining up the dots with the one and only Navid Moazzez

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Todays guest is a man that is a true online mover and shaker.

In fact he probably put the move into Mover, and shaked the shake until he got more than most people would have done, because wow he is doing some great things in the online world.

He is an an entrepreneur, a marketer, and a graduate of Seth Godin's unique MBA program.

As one of the world's leading crowdfunding experts, he has helped over 50 entrepreneurs raise over $5 million on Kickstarter and Indiegogo.

He is a popular public speaker, engaging audiences around the globe on innovation, creativity, marketing, entrepreneurship and the future of work.

But was it an easy path to his current successes?

Did he have doubts and fears that followed him along the way, the kind of fears that stop so many people in their tracks?

Well we will find out, as even with all the knowledge that he has gained he still found that some companies were not willing to entertain new and innovate ways of thinking.

They were stuck in the dark ages, and unable to move into a bright new and prosperous world.

So how did he battle that limited thinking?

How did he express his contrasting views of how things should be done?

Well he did what all good entrepreneurs would do, and went solo, working for companies in an advisory position.

But then whilst on vacation in 2012, a friend of a former client phoned to say they needed help, and to me this one phone call signified the moment that he had found his true path in life.

She had run a Kickstarter project to raise $20K to finish a documentary film and it was struggling and not going to get funded.

With his knowledge of online marketing, they got the project seen by the right people and saved it. It went from 20% funded with 10 days to go to 113% funded before it closed.

A lightbulb went on and our guest realized that the same marketing skills he was using to help Fortune 500 companies could be used to help entrepreneurs actually fund their dreams and change the world.

And the rest as they say is history.

So lets get chatting, and joining up some dots, with the one and only Clay Hebert

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Podcast 67: Guy Vincent: The Publishizer King Talks E-Books, Leaps Of Faith, And Starting Projects Ugly and Fast

Todays guest has an amazing tale, and one that I have read more than once, as it has the classic stumbles and falls, successes and moments of inspiration that make this guy perfect for join up dots.

As a young man, our guest was always on the look out for entrepreneurial ventures. Starting with an e-book venture our guest ploughed into the online world with all the enthusiasm of someone who knew that they couldn’t fail.

Unfortunately their heart wasn’t telling them the full story, and after an initial success the business never truly got off the ground.

Was it the wrong time?

Was it that the promotion was wrong? Or was it just that nobody wanted e-books? Well, it was quite certainly wasn’t the last one, so where did he go wrong?

Without pausing for breath, he didn’t give himself a chance to dwell on it, he dusted himself down and took massive action.

Leaving his apartment, quitting a relationship, quitting a job, and selling everything he owned, he bought an airline ticket to Asia and started his new life: He was 23, scared to death, but knew there was a dream he needed to find.

So lets find out how that dream is getting on, as we start joining up dots with the one and only Guy Vincent.

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Todays guest is a lady who quite simply it seems cannot stop smiling.When asked to rate her life happiness and fulfilment between one and ten,she honestly replied a ten plus which is just one of the reasons she genuinely feels she can help others get to a ten plus also.Being a life coach,TV presenter,Author,Blogger and it seems a very happy person, she has made it her life mission to help others achieve that state of happiness too.She wants us all to find our passion and purpose in life, but interestingly also develop and design it too.She believes that a life that is a WOW,is as much about conscious decision making as it is talent,opportunity, passion and the ability to overcome the fear that roots so many of us to the spot.

But how has she managed to create this unshakable belief and overcome those very same fears?

How has she managed to bring so many powerful media platforms together to push her message to the millions?

And how has she managed to have two children, be married for 14 years, and still look younger than some of my daughters?Well lets find out, as we start joining up the dots of her life, with the one and only Kim Somers-Elgelsee.

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