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Todays guest is a man on a mission to help the world self develop, progress, and move to a better future, all at a time and pace that is convenient for them.

He started his first business at the age of twelve, and since then has travelled the world whilst pursuing his passion of leadership and team culture development on a larger scale.

In 2008, he founded Actionable Books, which led to him winning in 2009 Entrepreneurial Spirit Award, by using business books as a platform for leader and team growth.

But knowing that by utilising technology, that is both easy to get and easy to carry around, he could grow his brand even further, in 2010 he went online, and launched actionable interviews where he has conducted interviews with such big thinkers such as Seth Godin, Susan Cain and Sir Ken Robinson.

If this sounds like success after success, then think again, as with all entrepreneurs the story is one of success, failures, stumbles and falls.

So lets bring onto the show to start joining up the dots of his life, the one and only,  Mr Chris Taylor.

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Todays guest is someone that I have wanted to have on the show for quite awhile. In fact since the very first episodes of Join Up Dots were released.

But due to him hitting his stride, travelling through South America, and generally having a kick ass life I only get to speak to him now.

But hey, doesn’t that just add more dimensions to a life that is already perfect for a show like mine.

He is a man who is inspired to find the true definition of “Consciousness” and how we can all become more conscious to build a better life for ourselves.

He wants us to overcome the self limiting fears that root us to the spot, and instead focus on the “Go Getter” mentality, which is the way to create the success that we all want, and of course he is living.

So how did he get to the point in his life when he realised that mind-set was the key to everything?

How did he find travelling through the jungles of South America, without WIFI, Starbucks and all the other comforts that we rely on daily?

And why did he feel the need to shave off all his hair recently?

Well lets find out as we bring on to the show to start joining up the dots of his life, the one and only Mr Michael Jacobs

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Todays guest is a man who is a father, keynote speaker, executive coach, community leader, entreprenuer and agent of change.He loves life, and loves providing as much value to the world and others as possible.He believes that change can and should be made at grass roots levels, and has spent his whole career helping improve the lives of at risk youth and families throughout NYC.He has worked with the largest non profit home care agencies in the country developing and managing programs focused on Fatherhood, Crisis Intervention, Education, Mental and Emotional Health.But although that sounds like he wouldn't have time to do anything else, he is also an active blogger on www.nowlegacy.com where he provides tools and techniques for all for us to achieve our best.So how does he find time for all this, and still make time to come on the show today? Well lets find out as we start joining up some dots with the one and only Devon Bandison

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Todays guest entrepreneur joining us on the Steve Jobs inspired business interview started life in Poland, and it was fair to say that he has come a long way since then, both Geographically and financially.

he is now a huge success which is 

Arriving in the United States of America with just $194.00 dollars in ihs pocket and a sprinkling of English he set to work with a passion.

The entrepreneurial bug has always been a keen element which makes him who he is, so it was with little surprise, but a lot of hard work that he transformed his finances by creating a series of business opportunities around California.

First of all he co-owned a collection of bagel shops,  and then moved onto running a multi-million dollar business that includes consulting, coaching, training, and information publishing.

But there was of course so many stumbles, falls and triumphs between them. Isn’t that what makes a story interesting after all.

But if you think that our guest is now simply a money making machine, who values wealth against anything else then think again.

He believes that through hard work, perseverance, talent and passion we can all design our lives to be what we want….the purest definition of success.

As he says “When I say success I don’t just mean money. Don’t get me wrong – financial rewards from your business are essential but they’re not enough!

Health, family and friends, spirituality, contribution to others – that’s what combined all together creates balanced, fulfilled life. And living such life makes you an irresistibly attractive “success magnet”.

So lets see how this happily married father of two, has succeeded so remarkably when starting with so little, by bringing onto the show to start joining up the dots of his life, the remarkable Adam Urbanski.

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Todays guest is man who has learnt the secret of travelling the world, whilst being funded by something he already had.

If that sounds a bit cryptic all will be revealed in the show.

But its true to say that todays guest does not follow a normal path in life

Starting his adult working life after finishing his education in the Netherlands, he worked for an arbitrage trading firm for 6 years.

It was a normal kind of job that many of us have endured. Long hours, boring work, but hey at the end of the day it paid.

And isn't that why most of us started going to work in the first place anyway.

But he knew that he wanted more.

So at the age of 32, he revaluated his life goals and came up with a question to ponder.

Did he want to slave away at a mildly stimulating profession so he could perch atop a pile of assets at the ripe age of 65?

And after asking himself that question he knew it was time to leap into the unknown.

So in March of 2010, with no backup plan or prospect of gainful employment, he quit his job to pursue his lifelong dream: ultimate freedom.

How exciting is that?

So how many of you listeners would be brave enough to do just that, and of course was our guest brave or simply frightened that life was slipping away?

Well lets find out, as bring onto the show to start joining up the dots of his life, the one and only, Jasper Ribbers

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Have you ever been in corporate land and wondered why you are feeling sluggish and overweight.

Do you wonder why you are reaching for that sixth doughnut just because its sitting three feet away from you then todays show is for you.

Our guest today was in a similar position, before taking the leap of faith.

Working for Ernst and Young , back in 2007, he realised that he wasn't happy with his body, but lacked the time and energy to do something about it. And he was not alone.

It seemed that his work colleagues all wanted to have a fitness timetable, that fitted around their lifestyles and would ask our guest for tips.

And after hearing the same request for the millionth time, he realized something.

Something had to be done. He had to set out to create a program that would solve this problem in a big way. He had to follow his passions.

He loved helping people. he loved writing and is a health and fitness fanatic (since the 4th grade).

Bang. He slammed them all together and created the online company mybodytutor

So lets bring onto the show to provide us with the perfect plans, and of course to join up dots, the one and only Adam Gilbert!

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Todays guest joining us on the Steve Jobs inspired Join Up Dots podcast is a lady on a mission to empower the females of the world to...well rock!

Being an entrepreneur herself she was often struck by the isolated way that women seem to operate within the business world, and so set out to build a career and online platform for them to be heard.

She wants to give them the freedom to flourish in a way that most ladies would find it hard to do.

By launching the podcast “Biz Women Rock” she has done just that, and now provides interviews and motivational content from her base in Florida.

But that is just a small part of what makes her what she is, as with her husband Chris since 2008, the two have owned a Business Owners organization called the Tampa Bay Business Owners, which supports local entrepreneurs by providing top-notch education, opportunities to connect with peers and leadership programs…everything that could possibly be useful for a business owner to work on their businesses.

But what I want to do, is join up the dots by finding out like all our guests, what were the key elements in her childhood, that she can link to adult life?

What made her transition from her period in Healthcare, to working with her husband, and then onwards to career freedom and total choices?

And when she isn’t working 24 hours a day, what inspires her to get going again, after another exhausting day creating such value to the world.

Well lets find out as we bring onto the show, the one and only powerhouse, and entrepreneur herself Katie Krimitsos.

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Todays guest is someone who might at first glance be thought of as a minority group.

He believes that sales is a honourable profession.

Wait I hear you say...surely I didn't hear the words Sales and honourable in the same sentence?

But our guest has since 2000 focused his time, passions and energy's in the world of Insurance Brokerage, and has come out the other end hardened by the work that he has performed.

As he says he was bloodied, bruised, kicked in the teeth, chewed-up, and spit-out.
But instead of becoming cynical to this work, he has instead developed a passion for helping others learn from his successes, mistakes and backstory.

The owner of Empowering Sales, and founder of “The Insurance Coach.”  he loves bringing value to salespeople, teams, and business owners through writing, speaking, classroom, and online training.

Focusing on four main areas, Sales training, Attitude, Connections and Loyalty.

So how has he remained true to his values?

How does he break down the perception of old style sales techniques and reputations?

And being a father, husband and full time employee too, how does he find the time to bring it all together?

Well lets find out as we bring onto the show, to start joining up dots, the one and only Brent Kelly.

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Podcast 102: Simon Knapp: Freedom To Launch Cherished Ideas Into The Air

Todays guest, joining us on the Join Up Dots podcast interview is Mr Simon Knapp, a man who can literally fly to heights that we can only dream about.

he has the freedom of time and altitude as being a commercial airline pilot, he has for the last few years travelled the world transporting businessman, holiday makers, and screaming children to destinations across the globe.

All the while planning other ventures, businesses and careers the ability to provide a fair deal to the world of freelance work.

After realising that a vast proportion of the fee charged by a freelance agency did not go the person doing the work, but instead into their own coffers for what seemed minimal effort, Simon Knapp knew he was onto something.

So along with his wife, Simon created “Cherished Ideas”, where freelancers can virtually sit in the same room with potential employers and sell their wares, with no commission passing hands.

A real bonus to all concerned.

So how did this Englishman first manage to get into the rarefied world of commercial airlines, and why does he seem so focused on building a life away from it?

What was the moment when the motivation to tackle his first business opportunity first raised its head, and was it the first venture he tried?

And with a plane at his disposal where does he truly call home?

Well let’s bring onto the show to start joining up dots, as we discuss the words of Steve Jobs with the one and only Mr Simon Knapp.

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Todays guest, joining us on the Join Up Dots podcast interview is Dina Proctor, a lady who has been on a harrowing journey of hitting absolute rock bottom, and finding her way back to the top.


At the end of 2008, her life had spiralled out of control as she battled everyday with alcohol addiction, food issues and suicidal depression.


She was in a mess and could not have been lower.


Trying everything Dina Proctor possibly could to pull herself up and get herself going, she fell time and time again. Nothing worked for her, and she was lost.


But by unintentional action she created her own salvation, as she began an amazing transformational programme called “3×3 Mediation” which has changed her life and the lives of her clients time and time again.


From weight loss and banishing addictive cravings to reconstructing relationships, this easy and yet incredibly effective method has caught the attention and support of Jack Canfield and Bruce Lipton among others, and the media. 


Now with a day filled with writing, public speaking, coaching and being madly happy, I am delighted to have her on the show today.


But how did she change her life so dramatically, on something apparently so simple?


How did Dina thankfully not enter in to suicidal actions that would have meant that the world would not have got the gifts that we now have from her.


Well let’s bring onto the show to start joining up dots, as we discuss the words of Steve Jobs with the one and only Dina Proctor

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