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Todays guest entrepreneur ready for the Steve Jobs inspired podcast interview lady is someone who quite readily admits she spent over a decade stuck in the wrong career.

But on a show like Join Up Dots we confirm time and time again, that although it may seem like wasted time, no experience is ever wasted.

Everything builds to the point that the entrepreneurial step towards freedom began and career success starts to build.

After a life threatening experience,she left her corporate litigator and mediator roll, and began a quest to study all ways to live a thriving happy life.  

It started as a personal task,but ended up as a personal mission and a career.

As the founder of and teacher at the Life Alchemy School, career and life coach, angel intuitive, author, speaker, teacher, Feng Shui expert, and Reiki Master, Monick Halm now works with clients and students all over the world to help them take a holistic approach to uncovering their dreams, pursuing their passions, and finding true balance.

The question is with three kids how does she pack that all in to her day?

Why did it take an illness to finally make her leave the job that was not what she wanted to be?

And has she found the true path to happiness that we are all seeking?

Well lets find out, as we bring onto the show, to start joining up dots, the one and only inspiring entrepreneur Monick Halm

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Todays guest is more than an entrepreneur.

This is a lady who was has travelled the world to find her true path in life.

Searching for the freedom that her life growing up in China couldn't have offered to her.

As you can guess growing up in China, she had a childhood that was so very different to her life now in America.

The words culture shock do not really seem to do justice to the obstacles that  she had to overcome once setting foot in the country she now calls home.

In the states she pursued education with a passion, and studied to become a dentist, finally owning her own very successful practice.

And that for many would have been job done, but like her husband Joel Boggess she felt something was missing.

She felt drawn to creating a better world for others.

And so together this powerhouse of a married team, have taken it on themselves to create their own business built around coaching, podcasting, writing and being hugely positive to create a future that is 100% percent unique to themselves.

So there is no better time than today to bring onto the show and start joining up the dots with the one and only podcasting legend: Dr Pei Kang.

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Podcast 88: Cathy O'Dowd: The First Lady To Climb Everest By Both Sides Joins Up Dots

Todays guest is a lady who could literally be singing "I'm on the top of the world,looking down at the creation"every-time she jumps out of bed.Because since University,she has had a fascination for climbing, and took part in her first mountain expedition,to the Ruwenzori in central Africa at the age of 21.And something clicked in her.Was it the challenge?The camaraderie?Or simply the thrill of doing something that so few people have seen or done before?Whatever it was since that first climb she has tackled mountains across southern and central Africa, in South America, in the Alps and of course in the Himalayas when she stood on the top of the world and made history by becoming the first woman to reach the summit from the North and South peaks. But though her days on the worlds highest peak now seem to be at an end (in her words "I have not intention in going back" )her thirst for adventure seems unquenchable  and in spring of 2004 she joined British woman Rona Cant and Norwegian Per-Thore-Hansen on a dog-sled expedition of 650 km through the remote wastes of the Norwegian Arctic to the most northerly point in Europe.With all these experiences just bursting from her, its no surprise that she has also climbed twice to the top of the book charts too,with her two self penned books Everest: Free To Decide and Just for the love of it"So before I mispronounce any more words and names, let me say it gives me great pleasure, to bring onto the show to start joining up the dots that have made her life, the one and only Cathy O'Dowd.

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Todays guest joining us on the Join Up Dots free business interview is someone who knew what he wanted and had a dream to achieve it.

Buying into the corporate vision of the big cars, medical cover, and the big office with the PA and secretary working overtime to support him, he started studying to be a lawyer.

That was his dream.

he was a young man and had the freedom to create that dream.

So he joined up with all the other eager and soon to be rich and successful lawyers, and for the next seven years followed the path that he had created for himself.

He was a man on a mission.

But what happens when that mission turns out to be the wrong one?

What happens when you realise that the passions inside you screaming to get out are not aligned with the day to day life you have built for yourself?

Well that happened to our guest, after a travelling sabbatical in 2013, when he came to the realisation that he wanted out of the legal rat race, and instead find the thing that lights him up inside.

So what was the path that he selected for himself?

And why did the legal rat race not turn out to be the path to gold that he had imagined it was going to be?

Well lets find out as we bring onto the show, to find out how he made that transition, and of course to join up the dots of his life, the one and only Huzefa Kapadia

To hear more from Huzefa Kapadia go to:

Podcast: Get Paid For Your Pad I Airbnb Hosting I Vacation Rentals I Apartment Sharing

Description: Get Paid For Your Pad is the definitive show on Airbnb hosting, packed with tips & tricks on how to improve your Airbnb listing as well as real life experiences from Airbnb hosts from all around the world.

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Todays guest entrepreneur ready to face the Steve Jobs inspired business is a motivational speaker and author whose mission is to teach us all to be bold in our actions

He believes that we all have it in us to get out of our comfort zones and create career and personal success in whatever we do.

With a background in sales, and knowledge of cognitive behavioural therapy, he has the ability to inspire us all by sharing personal stories of success, and no doubt failure and obstacles (we all have those in our lives and businesses after all) and a humorous approach that has led him to be a sought after corporate speaker across the world.

But how has he managed to find the key to boldness that alludes so many of us in our lives?

And I guess the bigger question is, did he always this ability to challenge and strive for bigger and better things, or was there a key moment in his life that showed him the  freedom to choose a better way?

Well lets find out, as we start joining up the dots of his life, with the one and only boldness entrepreneur Mr Jeff Shore

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Todays guest is someone with a fascination for unusual facts and I guess characters and communities across the world.From a young child, he always had a interest for the obscure.And as we have found time and time again on Join Up Dots, he has now taken this childhood interest and created a career around it by travelling around the world to cultivate his curiosity of the obscure.

An expert in what he calls “small worlds”, such as the Extreme Metal scene, and the British Jewish community, he loves to research and participate in these communities, and after graduating as a sociologist at University found himself drawn again and again to these worlds.But what became clear is that there are huge commonalities within these small groups,and he developed this interest,by investigating the Luxemburg watersking scene,interviewing the most powerful politician in Alderney,and even jumped across the water to meet the Icelandic special forces known as the Viking squad.

So what got him going in this direction, and how has he managed to create a life that is both hugely fascinating, but anything but usual?Well lets find out as we bring on to the show to start joining up dots, the one and only Mr Keith Kahn-Harris.

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Todays guest is a man with many strings to his bow, and literally it seems a midus touch to success in business.

But he wasn't always driven to be in the entrepreneurial environment, as during college he focused on a very different path......Theatre and Musical Theatre.

This was his passion, his dream, his future.

But what happens to a man who realises that the future he had planned for, and majored in college actually was a future that filled him with dread.

What can he do to start again, when he has no experience, knowledge or connections other than in the world he had frequented previously.

Well, he went back to basics, but this time focused on the things that could stimulate him in business, marketing and entrepreneurial ventures.

He started on a new path at the age of 24, and is an entrepreneur, international keynote speaker, and bestselling author of Shark Tank Jump Start Your Business—the official book from ABC’s hit show Shark Tank on how to successfully launch and grow a business from concept to cash.

So with a fascinating story, of one mans struggle to find work that really mattered, let's bring onto the show to start Joining Up Dots the one and only Michael Parrish Dudell.

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Todays guest has an amazing story,of a tragic accident,which ultimately could have been the best thing to happen to him.Known as Yo Pal Hal since hosting his first radio show at age 15,his greatest triumph came at age 20 after he was hit head on by a drunk driver and found dead at the scene.Despite being clinically dead for six minutes,in a coma for six days,breaking 11 bones and being told he may never walk again, Hal defied the logic of doctors and the temptations to be a victim, and he bounced back to prove that ALL of us are capable of overcoming extraordinary adversity to create extraordinary results in our personal and professional lives.Hal has appeared on dozens of TV and radio shows,and he’s been featured in numerous books which is not a surprise when you consider how his mental attitude has created something so amazing,out of something that could have finished him off.So lets bring onto the show to start connecting up the dots of his life,the one and only Hal Elrod.

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Todays guest quite simply should have the words "Dream Big and Then Dream Bigger" all over his body.

A self confessed exponent of the Richard Branson method "Screw it Lets do it", he has over the last few years created a life that is exciting, inspirational, and more than a bit amazing...in the how hell did he manage to do that kind of way.

From making Hollywood movies, to building companies, to working with David Blaine, to being stung by a jellyfish (which turned out to be a great thing) to even meeting the main man Mr Branson himself, he has challenged himself to think big, think bigger, and confront those limiting thoughts.

But how did he start on this road to self-creation?

Was he the kind of kid that was always going against the norm at school and in life?

Or was he someone who landed firmly on the big dot, that showed them the path to a life that is uniquely them?

Well lets find out, as we bring on to the show, to start joining up dots, the one and only....Mr Eric James.

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Todays guest is a man who, well I dont do this very often but the introduction is in his own words. And you'll see why I haven't written the thing myself this time.

Im a world changer. Now before you think Im an egotistical, too big for my britches, jerk, I think we are all world changers. If we werent born to change the world, we’re unnecessary.

In a nutshell, I arrived at my world changer philosophy after being fired four times (twice by the same company and once by my own dad just try to top that!), after facing 42 years in prison, after starting two companies that rose and fell like the Roman Empire, and after getting married, having a wonderful wife and then daughter, I finally realized my true purpose in life."


So where do I start first? With the 42 years prison stretch? Or that Dad who sacked him? That is harsh in anyone's book.

Or perhaps I should go with the moment he found his own path in life, that has been world changing for him and of course the world?

Or perhaps we should just probe into his skills of affiliate marketing which has been so lucrative for him both personally and professionally over the years?

Im going to love this conversation, as I bring onto the show to start Joining Up the Dots of his life, with the one and only Matt McWilliams

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