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Inspiration, inspiration and more inspiration can be found on todays episode of Join Up Dots.

Todays guest entrepreneur ready to relax into todays business interview was perhaps not the most obvious person to get behind the mike and create an amazing content producing production line.

But he has achieved it, after living a totally different life for many, many years.

An electrician and entrepreneur by trade, he spent his time with pliers and fuses, creating a world of light and power around his home state of Washington.

But behind his skilled hands, a light burned brightly.

A light that shone brightly on a dream to become a speaker and a writer.

Living a life of freedom.

A career that gives him the lifestyle that he wants.

But like many dreams, they remained simmering until after a routine health check he was given life shattering news.

He found out he had cancer, and knew that he had take action.

And man did he take action.

Grabbing a mike, a pen, and a laptop he set to work to not only achieve his own goals, but to inspire others to achieve their goals too.

And with his podcast "Doubt The Doubts" being published now over 180 times, he has certainly achieved his aim.

So let me bring to you, someone who deserves to be heard by the biggest audience possible.

The top entrepreneur , the host of "Doubt The Doubts" Mr Paul Blaise.

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Today's guest entrepreneur joining us on the Join Up Dots business podcast interview is the go to person if you want to understand how to tweet but don't want to feel a twit.

If you want the freedom to connect the world in 140 characters and build a business that rocks

From entering the online world, back in 1981, he found his place and he has been earning a living and enjoying himself on the internet ever since.

But what made him so successful, and lead to him becoming an author, radio host, blogger, public speaker, and business coach, all performed with style, charisma and charm.

Well he realized that to be a success in the online space you have to develop relationships in the same way as you would nurture one in the real world.

You have to interact, with integrity, humanity, and quite simply help others get what they wanted, which the late Zig Ziglar tought him back in the days.

And its this human aspect of building businesses which has really set him apart, even getting him named as one of the Forbes’ Top 10 Social Media Power Influencers of 2013.

So do we talk to him about Twitter, social marketing, overcoming fear, the leap of faith, his radio show, or whats it like to live in Vegas?

Well, I think I'll try to do the lot, whilst we have the brilliant, and did I say powerful and influential entrepreneur Warren Whitlock in the house!

Enjoy todays interview!

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Todays guest entrepreneur joining us on the Join Up Dots podcast interview has become a huge success in LinkedIn.

In fact I would say that she is a powerhouse in being social online.

Readily admitting she has been around the block several times, our guest has become the number one go to resource on how to take LinkedIn to the next level.

So this is an interview that I am literally straining my ears for the nuggets of gold she might just drop in front of us.

How can you take LinkedIn to the next level….isn’t it just a case of connecting with people that you have never met before?

Is it just a case of spamming aggressively, or is there a more subtle approach to connecting, and making people want to connect with you?

Well, our guest certainly has career history were the rapport building skill is now ingrained in her psyche after working in literally every corporate role you can think off in her career.Customer Service – Sales Representative – Sales Manager – Account Manager – Marketing Manager – Director of Sales and Marketing – Vice President – President – Owner – Consultant – Administrator.

And now she can add podcast interview guest too.

So where did she find the inspiration to go it alone and lifestyle on her own terms.

A lifestyle that provides freedom and income to flood to her?

So let me introduce you to the lovely,talented, New York living lady,no not Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and The City…but the even better Karen Yankovich.

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Our guest today is the CEO and Co-founder of New Media Expo, so quite frankly I could have called him the Godfather of Podcasting and blogging.

So I better be good on this episode, no pressure there then!

Although an obvious entrepreneur in heart it wasnt always the case.

He has been involved in the trade show industry since 1996 serving as sales manager and director of sales for three of Tradeshow Week’s top 200 events.But his interest in blogging and online content really hit home during the explosion of the political blogosphere around the 2000 election season.Seeing content come online day after day, minute by minute, feeding comment and discussion worldwide, he knew that the future was all around us and it was time to get going himself.However every guest on “Join Up Dots” have found their path in life after a period of transition, and quite often it will be a lot longer coming than they probably would have considered was necessary looking back, and it seems to be the case here too.As even though he saw the positives, and excitement that new media could offer in 2000, he was finally inspired to launch his own blog in October of 2005.And it was a great success, even though he claims it was “unexpected success” and with his political blog gaining more and more ground online, he began searching for the blogging tradeshow to link it with.
Amazingly he realized no such event existed, so he and his business partner Dave launched BlogWorld & New Media Expo in Las Vegas in November of 2007, and it went onto attract 1,600 attendees straight away.He had found his path and had started joining up those dots.So how did he do it?How did he manage to create something that was literally an overnight success?
And more importantly, why did it take him so long to get started on the path to success that he was so obviously made for?
Well lets find out as I introduce to you, the one and only Rick Calvert.

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Todays guest ready to join us on todays interview is a remarkable lady to be sure.

A poet and co-author of World Healing, World Peace she asks the questions "What are you doing to create a better world?"And what do you want for your life and the lives of the children to come?And certainly she is taking her own questions to heart, as she strives daily to make a difference to everyone who is fortunate to meet her or come in contact with her work.

What makes her a prime candidate to look back over her life and “Join Up Dots” is not just to do with her creative output, but quite simply that her background seems to me less than usual to say the least.

She spent part of her childhood living a life of freedoom in a Colombian jungle with her father, where she travelled extensively as a young woman, being in Tel Aviv Israel to watch the events of 9 -11 occur before her,to the fact that at the age of 54 when many people would have said “no that is going to be too hard” she climbed on her bike and cycled over 3,000 miles across the United States of America for charity.She is a lady that is driven to make a difference.And with writing credits on over 39 books, that she says she has written to help us feel better and function better because she believes people who feel better, make better choices for themselves, is there anything that she won't tackle head on.
Well I am certainly glad that I made the choice to contact her to be on the show today, and of course I'm glad that she said yes.So let me introduce to you the one and only entrepreneur Kimberly Burnham, PHD.

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Todays guest being interviewed on todays Steve Jobs inspired podcast interview, could well have been created specially for a programme called Join Up Dots.

His life has been well unplanned at the best of times.

But I suppose it is having this freedom of choice which has allowed him to experience many things, that probably wouldn’t have seemed likely if he had planned.

Building a career for himself that would have been the furthest point from where he hoped to be.

Having huge success in an area that he couldnt have dreamt.

Leaving University with two degrees"Physics" and "English", which he quite openly admits have been about as useful as a chocolate teapot, and certainly less than helpful to getting a great job, he found himself at a crossroads.

His enthusiasm at a low point, his choices equally low, he stumbled into computers, and despite no interest in either them or programming ended up building a software company on his dining room table, that was bought by a long forgotten company called Microsoft.

Whatever happened to Microsoft I ask you? Well that is just the beginning of his story, and with additional chapters entailing teaching maths to hundreds of students for over 16 years, writing a forthcoming book with his brother "Math Methods in Engineering and Physics", and I can only guess lots of other clever stuff, we better get going.

But before that, one more thing, did I tell you that to this day he has no educational certification or credentials to his name either.

So welcome to the show, someone who when I was at school I would have probably tried to keep out of the way of, today’s guest entrepreneur Mr Kenny Felder.

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Today's guest entrepreneur joining us on the Join Up Dots podcast interview is a man who could possibly scratch his head a few times if asked "How did you get to where you are today?"

He didn't have a fixed path leading to success from an early age that's for sure.

In fact he didn't even know that his chosen occupation was a possibility.

But now he finds himself producing content on a daily basis, as he is the go to man for "Direct Response Copy writing", and don't worry I don't know what that is either.....but we will soon.

He states that it was a game of baseball, but not actually getting on the pitch, and working in a library that started the path that he followed into adulthood.

And that is a hard one to join up the dots with in any shape or form.

But after working in a library as a teenager, he picked up two books that quite simply changed his life and gave him the freedom to create his life.

"The Well-Fed Writer" and "The Millionaire Next Door" pricked his interest to such a degree, that he literally wrote the next chapters of his life there and then.

By studying the subject, and developing his skills, it has know taken him all the way back to the library, joining the authors of those two books with three of his own

He is the author of The “You” Effect: How to Transform Ego- Based Marketing Into Captivating Messages That Create Customers,  and The Reluctant Writer’s Guide to Creating Powerful Marketing Materials: 61 Easy Ideas to Attract Prospects and Get More Customers.

And if that isn't enough he is working on his third book, Escape the Expected: The Secret Psychology of Selling to Today’s Skeptical Consumers, which will will be released in late 2014.

So lets bring onto the show the man that really has the "Write Stuff", the one and only super entrepreneur....Mr Tom Trush

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Todays guest entrepreneur joining us on the Steve Jobs inspired "Join Up Dots" interview was perhaps not the most obvious person to get behind the mike and create an amazing content producing production line.

But he has achieved it, after living a totally different life for many, many years.

In fact he has lived many different lives over the years.

From working for a few years in the telephone industry, he moved through various positions, until rather strangely to me at least, jumping into Real Estate.

And then even stranger.....becoming an owner of his own cafe for a year, before making another career change by entering the internet industry.

And now from his closet full of socks, and shoes he has launched his brand new podcast to the world, and created a momentum that can only be achieved by consistent and focused action.

He has the freedom to have fun and enjoy himself.

The show is going great.

The downloads are soaring

And best of all he sounds like he is having the time of his life.

He is a huge inspiration to me, as is anyone who gets off their backsides and looks to create a life of their dreams....and on their own terms.

So let me introduce to you as we start looking back over his life to "Join Up Dots", the one and only, host of the Chris Cerrone Show..... strangely enough a man named....Chris Cerrone.

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Todays guest joining us on the Steve Jobs inspired Join Up Dots business podcast interview, is someone who from the first moments of his life has been wandering the world.Born on an RAF base in Germany,he grew up in Cyprus,and then was reluctantly brought to the United Kingdom by his parents as a teenager.And what did he do?He instantly complained about the rain,get over it that's what we have in the United Kingdom.

Was the travelling a chore? Was the moving from country to country the thing that our guest dreaded.No far from it.The experiences, different cultures, and contrasting landscapes embedded a love of adventure, imagery, and story telling that he just knew was something that could take him on a path that was true to his unique self.

He loved the idea of being a professional travel writer.So even though he knew his path, and knew what he wanted to create, he still only focused on his dream as a side project, until after what he believed was a “heart-attack” he finally started the action that he needed to kick everything off.

Quitting his job, he is now at the time of writing a freelance writer of no clearly fixed abode.We might find him in the UK, escaping to the Mediterranean, or as he says “even gallivanting across some bleak European hillside, bound for disaster” – which is how he finds material to write about.So lets find out where he is today, and bring onto the show the creator of "Fevered Mutterings", the inspirational travel loving blogger….Mr Mike Sowden.

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Pinterest is where todays guest has channeled her passion, and todays guest entrepreneur was someone who I just knew was a person that I wanted to have on the show, as she has a story to tell that I found fascinating.

Like so many people in the world,this lady had a career which she balanced with being a fulltime mother and wife to her beloved family.

Everyday she went to work, as a fulltime radiation oncology nurse, and every evening she came back and probably did the same kind of things as most Mothers.

She dealt with the dinner, the washing, and all the other things that us men try to get out of doing.

Not a great deal of freedom in that lifestyle for sure

But unlike many people with the same responsibilities, she didn’t just play safe and continue with her career until retirement, as deep down a fire burned brightly.A fire to go out on her own, and create her own business…in the online world of Pinterest.But how did she convince her family, that it was time for a change?How did she gain the support of her husband to make such a bold move?Well I don’t know but back in 2012, she walked into her medical career for the last time, and quite simply hasn’t looked back.Although I’m going to ask her just that today, as the powerhouse of Pinterest, is ready to look back over her life to “Join Up Dots”.So welcome to the show the lovely and talented Cynthia Sanchez.

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