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Todays guest is a lady who has developed something that is quite simply a wow.Have you ever been to the Doctors or Dentist and had to have an injection,and even though you look away the pain is still dreadful.Is it the anticipation of having a shot that hurts?Is it the thought of it? Or is it the actual needle entering the body that does the damage?Well,whatever it is, its without a doubt a fear that effects both children and adults.And after training as a paediatrician our guest realised, whilst seeing her children distressed, it was up to her to control the pain, in a harmless,friendly way.So she set to work and developed a multi faceted pain relief tool "Buzzy", which is taking the world by storm.So lets start discussing how Buzzy came about?Lets find out how many variations of the product have been developed on the way to this huge success. And has the success been something that has delighted her, or just taken her away from her original life purpose and into the world of entrepreneurial ventures?I have no idea,but I am going to find out as we bring onto the show, to start joining up the dots of her life, and of course "Buzzys" the one and only Dr Amy Baxter.

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Todays guest quite brazenly states "I have a super-power.I can teach anyone to make money from anywhere at anytime.But I choose to use my superpowers for good and not evil to teach first

that money is truly not whats its all about."She helps people design a life of their choosing,by developing income streams to bring in the kind of wealth that they need to do this.Since

stepping away from the corporate world,along with her trusty laptop she has inspired many to do just that, and kick the restraints and grab hold of their dreamlives.However, these are

not get rich quick schemes, as she says" I teach people to create the resources they need to live the life that they choose with the understanding that building dreams takes time and

commitment. Your dreams may not come true tomorrow but they will come true."Not only that, as a founder of "Galahads"a movement to inspire women to take greater control of their lives,

careers and prospects,without us men getting involved,she is building a strong network across the globe too.Really helping ladies again, to create their own reality.So what made her step

away from her career with A&T,when so many people would have considered this a job for life?And why does she feel a need for a society to help women so passionately?And does she really

take her laptop with her everywhere....and I mean everywhere!Well lets find out as we bring onto the show to joining up dots, the one and only laptoplisa.......Lisa-Marie Cabrelli

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Todays guest is the author of the amazing new book "21 Ways to Invite Excellence into Your Life." Growing up in a farming family, she spent many hours shooting, hunting, riding motorcycles, and of course riding on horses and loved the freedom the outdoors.

It was a carefree existence, that fitted perfectly with our outgoing personality.But unfortunately all of her childhood was not so carefree, as she experienced a series of traumatic experiences capped by her mom’s diagnosis with breast cancer.

Blow after blow,  eroded her ability to trust and drove her to put up emotional walls she would struggle with for years.Existing behind those self-constructed barriers led to an unauthentic life, which made her make choices that were "safe" and made her live the life she sensed others wanted her to live.

This of course led to an unauthentic life of unhappiness and emotional and physical issues, which once again she battled with.

In 2010, her life seemed to fall apart both physically and emotionally.After having seen numerous doctors, even at the university level, she was told, "You’re not going to find what you’re looking for in mainstream medicine." So she went outside mainstream medicine and found a specialist who helped her find the root causes of her health problems.

Today she is 100% free of all prescription medications and the healthiest she has ever been.But that was just the start of her life, and as she has found once you find your authentic self, things start flowing in a different direction and with much more certainty of a great end product an amazing life.

So would she change those dark moments that she has experienced, or are they simply what makes her who she is today? Well lets find out as we bring onto the show to start joining up the dots of her life, the one and only Jenny Hester.

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At the end of each show you will hear me say the words "Please come back again when you have more dots to join up as I believe that by joining up those dots and connecting our pasts its the best way to build our futures".Well todays guest is doing just that, as they previously appeared way back in the first week of Join Up Dots, episode seven to be precise.He is a man who inspires me daily by his positive outlook, ability to overcome huge challenges and his desire to have an amazing life.As you will hear in todays episode its really the kind of life that we could all have, if we only are brave enough, make good financial decision’s and want it bad enough.Several years ago he was treading the  same path that the majority of us have trod over the years.Working long hours at the expense of seeing his children and family.Striving to build a business that ultimately didn’t fulfil him.And banishing the dreams that he had, to be a writer, he struggled on and on.Finally with a debt of over $100,000, overweight, over-stressed, and deeply unhappy he came to a crossroads in his life.He knew that he had to change direction and claim a life of his own.And that is where we left him at the end of episode seven, so if you want to feel the force of his full story, stop listening now and jump to the beginning.We will wait for you to get back.But if you are already inspired by what you have already heard, lets continue as we bring onto the show once more, to join up more dots, the one and only Mr Kimanzi Constable.

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Todays guest was born in South Africa and spent her childhood enjoying the amazing wildlife of Africa.

So its a not a surprise really that her life has stayed close to nature, and since 2004 she has held the position of Director of the Wilderness Foundation, developing ways that we can link wilderness trails to peace and reconciliation.

But her connection with the foundation goes back a lot further to 1998.

She believes that the effects of protecting the wilderness is a great way of developing sound youth leadership built on environmental awareness and ethics, especially the youths that might be considered as at risk.

Take kids who might have lost their morals, focus or perhaps a belief that the world is a wonderful place, and get them to challenge their attention into protecting and establishing the world.

It seems to me a fantastic way to bring the lost souls back to us in a hugely positive way and is something we need more and more off across the globe.

But lets find out where she channels her efforts on a daily basis.

And whether this lady who is spending her time providing such value to the world, is content with her efforts, or like so many wonderfully caring people does she beat herself up that she isn't doing as much as she would want for the world?

And lastly I suppose could she imagine any other life, or was it destined from her very first days on the earth?

Well lets find out as we bring onto the show, to start joining up dots, the one and only Jo Roberts.

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Todays guest is a lady that from her base in California is focused on showing the world how to optimise their personal performance in whatever they do.

For over 25 years she has spoken to thousands of people across the globe who are seeking the skills to develop their strengths.

And that one word Strengths is the key to her beliefs, as like me, she feels that we all have the skills in us to have a kick ass life.

We all can be living a happier more fulfilled life, whilst functioning within our very own Sweet Spot

However instead of focusing on what we do well, and developing our lives and income around those things, we instead seem to spend much of our time focusing on our weaknesses.

Which is of course the key to much of the human way of living.

Focus in on the negatives and take for granted the good.

So how do we switch this way of thinking, and analyse and use the natural gifts we were given at birth?

Well let’s find out as we bring onto the show to start joining up dots, the one and only Gloria Miele.


strengths, strengths, strengths, strengths strengths, strengths, strengths, strengths

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Todays guest is an amazing lady who has over the last few years become a real online mover and shaker, whilst playing the game on her own terms.

She has the hustle muscle working all over her body, and has over the last few years since leaving her hometown in New Zealand, taken such consistent action she is in a place that so many people would like to be in.

In fact she is in many places that people would like to be, as due to her drive she has become a travelling entrepreneurial powerhouse building a thriving online business, whilst on a mission to ensure 100,000 entrepreneurs create

freedom in business and adventure in life by 2020 too.

Literally living out of her suitcase for years on end, she has balanced this amazing ability to find stable wifi , whilst also finding adventure in every corner.

From becoming a world record holder at Dragon Boating, to body sculpting, to winning countless Online awards, it seems to me that everything she has achieved  is by having the guts to step out of her comfort zone on a daily basis.

She has taken on obstacles and challenges which were never guaranteed stepping stones to success, but still wanted more and more.

But as we see time and time again in our success stories, that ability to go into the "Scary Zone" is the best way to take you onto greater and greater levels of achievement.

So I am delighted to see her doing so well, and of course delighted to have her on the show.

So lets bring on to the show, to start joining up the dots of her life, the one and only "Suitcase Entrepreneur" Natalie Sisson.

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Todays guest is an chap from the UK with an interesting story to tell.

In fact it seems to me his whole life is built around the use of stories, and weaving them into amazing effective ways that can help us all unlock the doors and remove the obstacles that we find infront of us time and time again.

Doors to a life that is as much play as work, and as much work as play.

Being in the music and film industry for over 18 years , he has developed an approach that works well for creative types across the globe who flock to his warehouse in Seven Kings London.

Its an unsual approach which for many might seem a bit strange....infact after reading his personal website, he seems to thrive by being, well, slightly out of the mainstream shall we say!

As he says

"People ask me what I do and I always hesitate – I was a psychotherapist for 13 years, then I tried calling myself a coach, I’ve been to India and trained in Tantra but that doesn’t quite qualify me to call myself a Guru and I’ve been buried alive and fasted in the wilderness for days on end but that doesn’t quite make me a Shaman… and Psycho-therapeutic Shamanic Coaching Guru is a real mouthful"

So lets find out what he calls himself today, as we bring onto the show to start joining up the dots of his life, the author of "Play from your f***ing heart" the one and only Jerry Hyde!

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Todays guest is lady with a truly fascinating story.

Unlike many of the guests on Join Up Dots, who have become successful by business, online marketing or just doing amazing stuff, our guest set out on path that was never intended to lead to success and fame.

Infact it has been a hard push to get her on the show today.

But it is a story that should be told, as from her beginnings in Malta being educated at the Convent of the Sacred Heart School, she has thrived when her passion for helping people has been used to maximum effect.

Training to be a nurse at Hull Royal Infirmary in the North of England her path seemed set.

But as we see time and time again, on Join Up Dots, something can occur which brings a persons life to the place that they can provide the most value to the world at the most unexpected times.

And that is the true definition of success.

And for our guest that was when a visit to Kagando Hospital which nestles in the beautiful hills of Uganda, 20km from the Congo Border.

She had found her home in one of the poorest countries on earth, providing support, love and care to the kind of people that have very little to offer back.

So what was it that made this remarkable lady, change direction and travel across he globe, to be with people that she had never met before?

And what makes her continue to perform such an all giving task day after day, in conditions and climate so different from where her life in medicine began?

Well lets find out as we bring onto the show to start joining up dots, the one and only Rita Miller

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Todays guest is a lady who is driven to help us all achieve the highest levels of performance that we can.

To get hold of the dream life that we see so many people living, and cant quite believe that we can have ourselves.

When she was 26 she founded a PR and marketing company called Wired PR.

She knew PR, and was good at marketing and content marketing so it was going to be a breeze to take these skills and weave them into a successful business.

However it wasn't as easy as just playing to her strengths, as the actual running and growing a business threw up challenges day after day, which meant a lot of risk taking, obstacle avoidance, and I guess pure faith was needed time and time again.

And that is what this show is about, showing all our listeners that nobody has the answers when they start.

Nobody knows that things are going to work out.

And nobody ever avoids making mistakes in their life, and for most of us they are huge mistakes.

So how has our guest managed to slip though this minefield and come out the other end, still looking her glamorous self, pushing her own success to higher levels, and with even more desire to help others? 

Well lets find out as we bring onto the show the host of the "Successlab podcast", the one and only Beth Cochran  

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