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Since attending University at South Florida our guest today has literally been capturing the world from in front and now behind the lens of his camera.And although it might have seemed like a hobby, or just something to do at first, it has lead to a career in TV news, video production, broadcast PR, and even teaching.And that is the beauty of joining up the dots, although you can see the path clearly when you look back, at the time its just grabbing opportunities, making connections, and hopefully enjoying yourself.And it seems that our guest who originated from California, has been enjoying himself as he has traveled the  length and breadth of the country doing the very thing that he loves.And now with a handful of awards to his name and appearances on NPR, and Forbes.com, he has developed his own resource center at webvideochefs where he teaches us all how to get the best from our cameras.So lets start looking at his life through a lens as we join up dots with the one and only Amani Channel.

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Todays guest is a man who at the age of 25 took on the world at public speaking and came out top.

Yes, he beat 30,000 people to claim the title of the youngest World Champion of Public Speaking in history.

Contestants came from 116 countries and didn't stand chance as they were up against our guy.

They should have seen him and not bothered to even unpack their suitcases.

But what made his speech so powerful?

What made it a world beater?

Well for one he was true to himself, and also spoke about a subject that resonates with the whole world.

He took his grandmother’s advice and created a speech which illustrated that life is limited and why we must push past our fears. Wow he should have called it Join Up Dots

But coming from Humble, Texas a suburb of Houston it was not predestined that he was going to be a world beater.

As he says "I have always felt confident speaking in front of large groups but what I struggle with is making sure I am connecting, engaging and leaving them with something that will make their life better. I don’t just want to speak. I want to connect and leave them with something of value. There are thousands of speakers but very few resonate and connect."

So lets see how we can all improve our skills at connecting, as we start joining up dots with the one and only Ryan Avery.

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Todays guest has a fascinating tale that so many people in the world today will resonate with.

Can you end up being too qualified for employment? Can you end up having too much knowledge for a job, any job, so that the hiring employers consider you a risk and wont take you on?

Well the answer is yes, and our guest after demonstrating brilliant and forward thinking ideas whilst studying at Azusa Pacific University in California found himself in such a situation.

Life was looking good. His work was being recognised by institutes such as Harvard and Cambridge and he was on a roll.

But then things changed, and he found himself at the first of many dots that has brought him to where he is today.

Unable to get employed in the USA, he took a job in China that turned out to be a bad move.

Then he contracted e-coli which was even more of a bad move, and at the age 25 found himself sleeping on his parents sofa, recovering from internal bleeding, and a career that was in freefall.

So what did he do to pull himself out of a spiralling depression?

How did he get himself back into the game, when the game quite openly considered him a risk?

Well lets find out as we bring on to the show, to start joining up dots, the co-founder of codeBOX, the one and only Joshua Millage

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Todays guest is a proud and patriotic Canadian who loves nothing more than helping the world to find their ultimate state of performance.

Whether its within the corporate environment or outside of it, he will empower business leaders, entrepreneurs, and all and sundry to stop chasing the money and make the money come their way.

He can turn us all into money magnets where, our advanced performances starts attracting those clients and potential business partners that literally are clambering for our services.

And the beauty of this method, is that it also has a knock on effect to our personal lives and make us more attractive all around.

But as we find time and time again on join up dots, these stories of huge success and inspirational dream achieving, more often than not started at the lowest point possible.

And that was the case with todays guest.

When he was in his twenties, he had just got married, his wife was having their first baby, and he was flat broke!

And at that point in his life, he wasn't even thinking of putting food on the table, he was simply desperate to get a roof over their heads.

He became so desperate that he had to borrow money from his friend's wedding envelopes to use as a down payment on his first house.

But from that point, which was potentially his lowest point, he sat down and started questioning what he wanted in life

Do you know who you are? Do you love what you are doing? Do you have what you want out of life? Do you know what you want out of life? Do you wake up and jump out of bed every morning eager to face the challenges of a new day?

Brilliant questions and the type of questions that so few of us even allow a passing thought to land in their direction.

And now with several best selling books, huge presentations to massive audiences, coaching programmes, and a myriad of other stuff filling up his days, he won't ever need to worry about putting food on the plate again.

In fact as he says, he now doesn't actually have to ever work again?

So what was it about his lowest point that made him pick up pen and paper and start fighting back?

And what brought him to that point in the first place?

And where does he see his life going in the future, now that he has financially freed himself from the restraints that hold so many of us in place?

Well lets find out, as we bring onto the show to start joining up dots, with the one and only Mr Bob Urichuck.

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Todays guest is a lady who is tackling so many different areas, and subjects in her life that you kind of wonder where to start first?

She is an actress, producer, animal lover, TV host to name just a few of the things that fill her resume.

But the interesting thing to me is you would have expected her to start her career at drama school and be performing as Annie in local productions, but the truth is very much different.

For many years, since 1983 she was a fight attendant for America West Airlines, so she was certainly aiming high even in those days.

And since then the sky has literally been the limit and as an award-winning actress and film producer with more than 37 film shorts, eight feature-length films, several television roles, and a theatre play to her credit she has flourished in a business that has for many people brought them to their knees.

Over the years, she has produced nine films one in which she played multiple characters including a man, and another called Veil, which helped her win awards as best actor in a film short.

And then if that wasn't enough she decided that she could muscle into my territory and through her interview with the president of the Arizona Film and Media Coalition, Mike McGinn she won a Gold Hermes Award in 2010 for a television news interview

And now with her show "The Animal Rescuers" gaining a bigger and bigger and hugely loyal fanbase, she is in control of her destiny like never before, but you just know that he has only got to this point by hustling like crazy for many, many years.

So what was it about the airline industry that kept her working there for so long?

And how does she decide where she should channel her energies into next, with so many opportunities flowing round her?

Well lets find out as we bring onto the show, to start joining up dots, with the one and only Kimber Leigh

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Todays guest is man who if you take all the letters of his name and rearrange them you will get "Huge Action Taker"

Well, actually that isn't the case, but it should be, as this is a guy who over the last few years has literally sprung to the top of his chosen field, by deciding on what he wanted, taking huge action and not allowing the obstacles that stop us all in our tracks to bother him.

Way back in 1999 he started his career in the navy, as a Electronics Technician Third Class and for four years served his country.

And upon leaving the military then moved through a series of positions and companies not coming anywhere near to that same length of service.

Was this a man finding his place in things?

Or was this simply the route that people take nowadays to show ambition to future employees?

Well we are going to find out, but its true to say that in the last couple of years he has really put himself out there and taken risks to create a future that he loves.

And one that no employee cant ake away from him

As a host of the top rated show "Starve The Doubts", and the powerhouse behind the Pod Mov University and this years Podcast Movement Conference held in Dallas he is rocking and rolling with the best of them.

And now as a bestseller author on Amazon with the podcasting bible Podcasting Good to Great: How to Grow Your Audience Through Collaboration he has added even more success to his life.

So what was it in his life that made him jump from the corporate life and enter into the uncertain world of entrepreneurship?

And why did he feel the need to not just do one thing well, but take on so much in such a short period time?

Well let's find out as we bring onto the show to start joining up dots, the one and only Jared Easley

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Welcome to the show a man who at his core has a burning passion to empower

He has a belief that his talent and reason for being here, is to can inspire the youth of today that they do not have to, or should have to, accept the path that has been trod so many times before.

That path that takes you into jobs and responsibilities that society appears to say are the right ones to take.

The choices that need to be made because millions of people before have been told to do the same, and have done just that.

Ending up in uninspiring, soul destroying employment that is so far removed from their unique self.

After starting his first business at the age of 19, he has been able to live an entrepreneurial lifestyle by being diligent on all opportunities that are presented his way.

In short he has managed to overcome the fear that root so many of us to spot.

And has created a kick ass life for himself in the process.

So as a published author of the best selling book The Productive Person Action Guide: How to be more productive and maximize your work-life balance in 2 weeks, and a stream of delighted clients and conferences halls all across America, how has he managed to do just that?

What has separated him from his target audience that just a few years previously he was sat amongst?

Well lets find out as we bring onto the show, to start joining up dots, the one and only James Roper.

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Todays guest entrepreneur is a man who quite simply looks better naked than most men of a certain age should look.

To be honest, I haven’t seen him fully naked, but seeing what he has done to his upper half, I can only imagine if I wanted to imagine!

But this man is certainly on a mission.

He is a  software consultant by day and a Star Diamond Independent Beachbody coach by night.  

Yes, that’s right.  

An IT geek turned fitness coach, with a desire and motivation not just to change himself physically, but also to inspire the world to be more fit, active and toned.

To get the world to turn on their pc's for once ready to work up a sweat

And with his Get Fit With Greg platform,  and online TV channel he is taking the bull by the horn and creating targets and programmes from across the world, as well as finding out what makes him tick inside.

And with his astonishment as to how his life has changed he has found that the focus on his health is providing more energy to his day, even to the point of not needing an alarm clock to get him out of bed.

Yes, he literally bounces out of bed everyday, with the freedom to look straight ahead , ready to inspire his clients and the world, to take control of their lives, their bodies and what they do with their days.

So what was it that made him want to become the lean mean online machine?

Would he looking back wish that he had done this earlier in life? 

And where does he think that this Get Fit With Greg business can go in the future?

Well lets find out as we bring onto the show to start joining up dots, the one and only entrepreneurship expert Mr Greg Barth

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Todays guest is a lady who has a path that is so similar to many of us, who are searching for a better way of living our lives.

We are in a job that we dislke, and feel the ambition and drive to take control of our futures and go it alone.

But what can it be like when you also have the burning passion to also help the world find a better way of living too, but you find that path that you know is right for you, is actually destroying you little by little.

Your dreams and ambitions are actually the very things that kick you in the teeth and stop you in your tracks.

Well, our guest had been in corporate America and was used to hustling, working extremely hard everyday, and coming back for more again and again.

It was what she did. And what she knew.

But after taking the leap of faith and setting up her own coaching business, helping clients and friends find the passions and path in life, she realised that she had taken on too much.

So determined was she to make a huge difference her body started closing down.

She had pushed herself to the limit of her personal endurance, and had hit a crossroads

In her own words "I created a trap for myself where I took that toxic environment that I had in the corporate world and created my own version. I was doing things that I was really excited about, but the problem was that I did not put any of me into any of that time."

And so she stopped and assessed. 

She made the difficult decisions that went against who she was, but knew would make her who she should be.

And now with a flourishing business, a wonderful home life and a smile that literally covers the whole of her face, isn't she glad that she did just that.

But why did she leave a situation that she didn't like, and recreate it step by step?

What made her decide that she had to reach out to others for help, to be able to help the people that she was so determined to provide support to?

Well lets find out as we bring onto the show to start joining up dots, the one and only Stephanie Callahan

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Todays guest is a man who quite simply could be a guest on Join Up Dots for a whole week.His history has so much packed into it, its a struggle to decide where I want to start.Well lets start with telling you that he was born in Cambridge in the United Kingdom, and as has made his way through many different positions to where he now finds himself as an established and successful author.From working in a mortuary, a garage and on a production line he did what many young men did back in the day and joined the Royal Navy’s Fleet Air arm as a pilot and served 21 years protecting the United Kingdom across the world, not least around the area of the Falklands during the war against Argentina.Later, he worked at Headquarters in London which required continual work  that was classed ‘Top Secret’, including United Kingdom preparations for war and transition to war (the ‘War Book’), and he became very familiar with techniques for intelligence gathering in numerous covert operations.If that sounds like a full life of activities and passions, then our guest had other ideas, and upon leaving the military picked up his pen and started writing under a series of pseudonym that has pushed him high into the bestseller lists across the world.So what would he call his true calling in life? Would it be the writing, the military career, or I suppose working in the mortuary (please don’t tell me it was the last one!)Well lets find out as we bring onto the show, to start joining up dots with the one and only Mr Peter Stuart Smith

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