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Todays guest is a man with a fascinating tale, of hardship, persecution, and a burning desire to create the best life he could hope for.

Raised in a small fishing village in Senegal, West Africa, as a child he endured abuse, profound humiliation and the breakup of his parents at the tender age of two

This is of course is not what any child hopes for, and he found it particularly hard to accept as he looked around at his friends who all seemed to have the family life that he would have wanted.

Then later at age five he was taken to live in a compound of more than 100 people, living in extreme close proximity to each other.

It was here where he quickly learned to defend himself, and to develop the inner power that he needed to flourish in this unstable environment, where so many people fought for survival on a daily basis.

It was a hard, brutal start to his life, but one that he wouldn't allow to determine his future.

He knew that he wanted a life in America, and so at the age of 21, with just a few belongs and a gallon of water, he left Senegal, and amazingly managed to walk across the Sahara desert by foot between Algeria and Libya in six arduous days.

He had his dream and he wouldn't give up on it.

Well he did it, and even now many years after setting foot on the continent he is pushing himself to greater and greater achievements.

He is the author of "No Excuses, how to pursue a better life and lift others for a better world", and his "Mile High Momentum" training platform, he is about as far away from his beginning as it possible.

But what was it about the American dream that filled him with such hope from his life in Africa?

And when he started that walk across the desert did he truly believe that he would be where he is today?

Well lets find out as we bring onto the show to start joining up dots, the one and only Mr Ousmane Ndoye

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Our guest today lives his life by two rules.

And these are two rules that by and large most people will try to keep away from, and then they wonder why they haven’t got their dream life.

He believes that

You can’t be afraid to take a risk.

You absolutely MUST have a plan.

And then if you know anything about him, he adds to the mix a huge belief in himself, a flexing hustle muscle that he demonstrates everyday, and an easy going nature that helps him reach out to the movers and shakers across the globe.

As a young man, he had a burning passion to become a professional paintballer, and upon getting his first gun from his parents set out to achieve his aim. 

And it seems that what he wants to do, he makes sure that he does its as within four years he had travelled the world shooting capsules of paint at people winning $300,000 dollars in the process.

Even gaining the top prize of $160,000 in just one weekend.

But at his core burned a question. A question that had occurred to him several years earlier, and had remain within him. Gnawing away.

He asked himself  “If people can come from nothing and create insane amounts of wealth in one lifetime, then shouldn’t someone like myself coming from a middle class family who has the support from their family and lives in “The Land of Opportunity” be able to easily do the same thing?”

Wow, for a fourteen year old kid that shows awareness beyond his years.

He realised at any early age that comfort creates mediocrity, and pain motives change.

And now after investing over $500,000 of his own money on self development, and spending time with the likes of Bob Proctor, Jack Canfield and even Arnold Schwarzenegger he is taking those personal skills and sharing them with the world with his Peak Performance Club.

But how does someone at the age of 14 start thinking in such an advanced way, especially when it appears he didn’t have anything to force him to think that way?

And where does he find the greatest need within the people that he coaches and inspires across the world?

Well lets find out as we bring onto the show to start joining up dots, with the one and only Mr Mark A Lack.

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Todays guest is a man whose path to greatness started slowly.

As a child he didn't really set the world alight whilst attending McKinley High School, a trade school in Buffalo.

He failed many of his classes, as well as not managing to make the grade at football, basketball or track & field teams either.

It was as if no matter what he tried to succeed at he just couldn't get it going.

But like so many people in life, who struggle to find their path, it wasn't until he transferred to a different location, in this case Bennett High School that he found that he was trying to achieve in areas that weren't naturally him.

It was there where he found his passion for public speaking,  and used his silver tongue to wow his peer group, becoming Senior Class President.

And now he started to get going. He had found something that he could do better than most.

But its ok, to have a silver tongue, but how can you take this talent and use it for maximum effect?

Well, he realised that he would use it to help inspire individuals and organisations find their brilliance.

He would help the world tap into the talents that they were given at birth, and start shining brighter than they have ever done before.

And he has done that very thing better than most.

He is quoted as one of the best keynote speakers ever heard or used, putting him in the same category as Bill Gates, General Colin Powell and Tony Robbins.

And as an author of seven books, helping the world discover their thing, he is a man on a mission.

But there is so much more to him than just having a brain and tongue that inspires those that he comes into contact with.

Which is what we will fnd out today.

So what was it about the first school that just didn't fit with him?

And why does he feel that people are unaware of just how brilliant that they can be not just in America but really everywhere across the globe?

Well lets find out, as we bring onto the show to start joining up dots, with the one and only, Mr Simon T Bailey

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Todays guest is a lady who is talking my language when it comes to staff development.

If you have listened to a few of the shows, you will have heard me wax lyrical as to why companies focus in on the things that employees can't do, and pretty much ignore the things they can.

It seems lunacy to me that strengths are not developed to the highest level possible.

But for some reason they are not.

Well, our guest found that same belief when she was in her first manager role, and whilst sitting in her office got a phone call from a colleague.

Her colleague was extremely upset as she had just received her annual performance review and felt beat up and worthless.

She shared that she had been barely recognized for the things she was good at, and marked down for things that just weren’t in her nature.

And with these words, our guests life was changed forever “Why can’t they just accept me for who I am? I’m 35 years old, I’m not going to change.”

An so with those words ringing in her ear, she set off to change the lives of employees across America.

She is a speaker, coach, author and founder of Shoop Training & Consulting so certainly has a lot on her plate at the moment.

But what was it about this one employee that really hit home, more than any of the others that she had managed during her corporate life?

And how can people find their key strengths in life, and then most importantly convince their management to let them flourish in these areas?

Well let's find out as we bring onto the show to start joining up dots with the one and only Emilie Shoop.

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Have you ever had the dream as a kid when you are laying in bed all snuggly, and you think "wouldn't it be great to have a clone of myself that I could send to school?"

Actually, you might be having those every same thoughts as an adult too.

How do we get everything done that we want to in life, and still have time for ourselves and our families?

Well todays guest is a lady from her base in the United States was doing just that, as a Mother, wife and business lady she knew how important it was to have more than one of you to help out.

So she has set out on a path to help entrepreneurs with a vision take their work, their dreams and their income to the next level.

Helping them not to get caught in the trap of doing the stuff that wont push their business forward, but still has to be done.

Cloning themselves in fact.

But her life work, of helping others came from the belief that we all have a purpose in our lives, and it is up to all of us to work out just what that thing is, and then rock the world?

So how did she find out what her purpose in life was?

And where does she feel that our listeners can find their own thing in life too?

Well lets find out as we bring onto the show to start joining up dots, the one and only, Amber McCue.

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Todays guest entrepreneur joining us on the Join Up Dots free business interview, is a man who from the very early stages in his life had the hustle muscle working overtime.

At the age of nine he would sneak comics into school to sell them to his classmates, who couldn't get enough of the latest adventures of their favourite characters, so would cough up their hard earned pocket money for the privilege.

And I suppose it wasn't a surprise that he could see the way to earn a buck or two, as both his parents were successful entrepreneurs, and being surrounded by people who do things their way and work to achieve things, is as we know so hugely powerful to your own development.

So with a track record of a range of ventures including a nightclub promotions company, a modelling agency and a fashion line, he is attempting to find the thing that brings all his hustle together and creates the future that he deserves.

And now more recently, he has been managing his own financial advisory firm, Fordyce & Playle, and a new online estate agency, Market My Property

But if you think that this episode will be about a young man who is working solely on his own life, and becoming an entrepreneur of note, then think again.

As with passions ranging from animal healthcare, children and even appearing in the 'Famous Males Checkum' cancer calendar he is doing his best to give back to the world.

So where does he see his true value to the world being directed at its highest level?

And does he feel that he is on track to achieve his dream of the youngest entrepreneur to sit as an investor on BBC's tv show "Dragon's Den"

Well let's find out as we bring onto the show to start joining up dots, with the one and only Tom Webster.

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Todays guest is a lady, who believes that entering into adult life with a solid education is extremely advisable, but entering into adultlife with the debt that education brings is not.

She was a college graduate who ended her education with zero student loans.

What I hear you say.....no student loans how is that possible!

Well, hang on a minute as if you think that sounds inplausible then consider that not only was her college bill paid for but she actually got paid to go to school too.

As the first in her family, she had to figure out the scholarship process on her own, and so successfully did this, she now wants to help other students and their families do the same and the first step has been writing the Amazon bestseller "The Scholarship System."

This best selling book details the exact strategies, and insider information that she uncovered which allowed her to bring in over $125,000 in scholarships and financial aid, paying her entire college bill and giving her extra cash each semester.

She was able to focus on her higher education rather than constantly worrying about money and how much student loan debt was piling up.

But that is just one part of her story as this is a lady who has an eye of creating a life that so few people are willing to create, and she is going for it Big time.

As she says "Recently I have realized that future options are endless and, while I have always taken advantage of those opportunities in front of me, I am now creating my own."

So how does someone come out of the education system with a mind-set so different from so many others, who focus in on a job, and not creating the opportunities that can lead to financial freedom instead?

Well let's find out as we bring onto the show to start joining up dots, the one and only Jocelyn Paonita.

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Todays guest is a man whose middle name is maxi (i'll be honest I'm not sure if this was from birth or he added it later), but it certainly fits extremely well in regards to his approach to life.

He believes that we all have it in us to live our lives to the "Max" and its not our situations, income, lifestyles, or anything else that holds us back other than quite simply ourselves.

He qualified as a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, and worked for many years providing solutions-orientated guidance for weight-loss, smoking, and the elimination of phobias.

His goal is to encourage clients to adapt and improve all aspects of their lives by understanding the vital role the mind plays in all our lives.

And it's not just individuals where his talents as a "Mind Coach" come to the fore, as he works with companies, organisations and individuals from his varied experience as a Business Owner, Sports Coach, Trainer, Sales Manager and Therapist he knows what they are going through.

He is the author of 'Escape the Mind Trap - How to Conquer Your Inner Demons' and can dig down past the stumbling blocks and self-limiting beliefs that hold us all back, and find the fears and anxieties that actually create the things that we think are holding us back.

Get rid of them and see your life change.

So how has he managed to overcome the fears and concerns that stop the rest of in our tracks?

And does he see the same issues time and time again, and can help us on Join Up Dots make a step forward in our own pursuit of success?

Well lets find out as we bring onto the show to start joining up dots the one and only, Mr Ian Maxi Jackson!

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Todays guest is a lady who claims that she has never had a bad job, even though she spent several semesters helping students cut open and poke around in cats and pigs.

Yes, I think that is the first time that I have had that fact in an introduction.

But that isn't one of those facts that define her, but the fact that this lady knows how to hustle certainly does.

When it comes to getting the work done, she is willing to put in the hours, and believes wholeheartedly that the only way to reap the rewards that your life deserves is by taking the old leap of faith.

And that is what she has done, she leapt and kept flexing the hustle muscle everyday since leaving her corporate gig and going it alone.

And with a history of working in a sports marketing company, where she worked with many Fortune 500 clients, starting with IMG and most recently leading the marketing efforts for an agency owned by NASCAR driver, she knew how to get a product to market.

But its ok, knowing how to do this if someone else is footing the bill.

But what if you have the idea for a product and have to get it into the hands of the consumers yourself?

Well, in 2011 she used her branding, marketing and sales experience to launch such a product and Slawsa, a unique slaw-salsa hybrid condiment was born.

And within two years after launch, the product could be found on the shelves of over 5,200 stores in the U.S. and Canada with rave reviews from critics and consumers alike.

What makes her story even more fascinating, is that even though this might be deemed as a success, she was then willing to take Slawsa and drop it into ABC's Shark Tank for the sharks to fight over?

Did she get investment? Did she come out of the waters intact?

Well lets find out as we bring onto the show, to start joining up dots, with the one and only Julie Busha.

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Coming originally from the South American country of Chile, our guest has set out on a path to not only create her dream life, but also to help the world find theirs too!

As the founder of “Money & You®,” and other successful financial platforms she knows and shares how we can all develop systems that will accelerate the growth of our businesses.

And what she gives us is not just manuals full of structures and systems, but a complete mind-set shift, to believe that success is ours to have.

She can rewire us all to think like multi-millionaires.

She has appeared on multiple movies, been quoted in hundreds of books, and appeared on radio and TV shows all over the world.

But how does a lady come from Chile, move to America, and create a platform of success that crosses the globe and effects students in over 65 countries?

How did todays guest learn the skills for success that allude so many people?

And that is what I want to talk about today, how someone can think big, dream big and achieve big things, when so many others get stuck before even beginning?

Is it that she took chances that other people wouldn't have taken, or simply that she was luckier than most?

Well lets find out as we bring onto the show to start joining up dots, with the one and only Dame DC Cordova

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