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Todays guest entrepreneur joining us on the Steve Jobs inspired "Join Up Dots" interview was perhaps not the most obvious person to get behind the mike and create an amazing content producing production line.

But he has achieved it, after living a totally different life for many, many years.

In fact he has lived many different lives over the years.

From working for a few years in the telephone industry, he moved through various positions, until rather strangely to me at least, jumping into Real Estate.

And then even stranger.....becoming an owner of his own cafe for a year, before making another career change by entering the internet industry.

And now from his closet full of socks, and shoes he has launched his brand new podcast to the world, and created a momentum that can only be achieved by consistent and focused action.

He has the freedom to have fun and enjoy himself.

The show is going great.

The downloads are soaring

And best of all he sounds like he is having the time of his life.

He is a huge inspiration to me, as is anyone who gets off their backsides and looks to create a life of their dreams....and on their own terms.

So let me introduce to you as we start looking back over his life to "Join Up Dots", the one and only, host of the Chris Cerrone Show..... strangely enough a man named....Chris Cerrone.


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