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Dec 31, 2014

Most of the time on Join Up Dots I write the intros to the show, by researching many different resources to get a flavour of what the guest is all about.

And then every once in a while a guest comes along who basically writes their own intro, and this is what happened today

I checked her "about page" and saw the...

Dec 30, 2014

Todays show is going to be different from the majority of the Join Up Dots shows that have been delivered to the world so far.

But in many ways it has the same traits too.

Strength, courage, openness, persistence, creativity and love are in abundance on this show.

Todays guest has experienced something that so many...

Dec 29, 2014

Todays guest entrepreneur is quite remarkable, and its not just me that says that, but also thousands of people who he has presented to over the last few years.

He is a professional speaker, and record breaking businessman, author and someone who focuses in on Business mastery and also has the "come on guys you can do...

Dec 28, 2014

Todays guest has been on a path for over 45 years, which so many people across the world will be able to resonate with.

She was a binge eater.

Finding huge comfort and them ultimate distress in her relationship with food.

For 45 years, she went through the yo-yo dieting/binge cycle time after time.

Her weight would...

Dec 27, 2014

Todays guest is a lady who can call herself a true lady of the globe.

Coming originally from Denmark, she grew up in the Scandinavian countryside clambering around the hills and fjords happily, until moving to Paris for three years to live in the capital of romance and culture.

But now she calls the UK home and has been...