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Happy New Year everybody, and thanks for listening to Join Up Dots.

So 2019 has come and gone, and now the new decade is rolling into place. Is it going to be a good one, or is it simply going to be more of the same for you? Well. i can promise you that for me, the passion has never been higher to make a difference in your lives. You have been listening to Join Up Dots for six years now, and many of you have started your own businesses and are living very different lives because of us. But not enough for my liking. In fact i would say that this has been the biggest disappointment to what I have achieved through the show. Yes, my life is amazing and stress-free, but I haven't quite got you guys to see how easy it is to start building online income and create your dream-life. I think at its core, people cant see the opportunities that are all around them. They cant see that they dont actually have to create a huge business that seems daunting from the outset. But i believe now (and i didn't for many years) on creating a business that is the smallest possible, whilst providing the most the value and income back to you. I call it "Anti-scale" - having the ability to make the most of the customers you already have in your life, and all around you. How do you make them come to you in every increasing numbers in the easiest way possible? How do you make a business that doesnt drive you into the ground due to effort that it takes to make that money? Does that sound good for you? Well it should do, as there isn't any better way to get that work life balance that people want. So lets make this the best New Year you have possibly had and will ever have.... Until next year which will be even better again. Thanks for listening to the show and all the best David Ralph Join Up Dots 

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