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Apr 28, 2023

ENTREPRENEUR INTERVIEW: Ignoring The Quick Route To The Life You Want

Byron Morrison is our guest today on the Join Up Dot’s business podcast. 

Todays guest first appeared on Join Up Dots back in 2017 when he was on a mission to show us all how we can create a better us by being aware of what we are putting into our...

Apr 26, 2023

Selling Classic Computer Stuff And Beauty Treatments

In this podcast episode, we'll be exploring two fascinating stories of success.

First, we'll hear from a man who started a classic computer business decades ago and has managed to keep it thriving through all the technological changes over the years. He'll share...

Apr 24, 2023

Mentorship - Developing Self Discipline (Part Five)

If you have the desire to create your own online business, and build life changing income on your own terms then Join Up Dots is here to show you the way.

Making online business fun should be the first stage of everything you do and this show delivers BIGTIME. Hugely...

Apr 21, 2023

Mentorship - Building A Support Network (Part Four)

Developing a support network in life and business requires a combination of effort, intentionality, and strategic planning. It involves identifying key individuals or groups who can provide guidance, advice, motivation, and resources to help you achieve your goals....

Apr 19, 2023

Developing a Growth Mindset: 

The episode starts by defining what a growth mindset is and how it differs from a fixed mindset.

Most people with a growth mindset believe that their abilities can be developed through hard work and dedication, while those with a fixed mindset believe that their abilities are set in...