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Todays guest entrepreneur joining us on the Join Up Dots podcast interview has become a huge success in LinkedIn.

In fact I would say that she is a powerhouse in being social online.

Readily admitting she has been around the block several times, our guest has become the number one go to resource on how to take LinkedIn to the next level.

So this is an interview that I am literally straining my ears for the nuggets of gold she might just drop in front of us.

How can you take LinkedIn to the next level….isn’t it just a case of connecting with people that you have never met before?

Is it just a case of spamming aggressively, or is there a more subtle approach to connecting, and making people want to connect with you?

Well, our guest certainly has career history were the rapport building skill is now ingrained in her psyche after working in literally every corporate role you can think off in her career.Customer Service – Sales Representative – Sales Manager – Account Manager – Marketing Manager – Director of Sales and Marketing – Vice President – President – Owner – Consultant – Administrator.

And now she can add podcast interview guest too.

So where did she find the inspiration to go it alone and lifestyle on her own terms.

A lifestyle that provides freedom and income to flood to her?

So let me introduce you to the lovely,talented, New York living lady,no not Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and The City…but the even better Karen Yankovich.


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