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Todays guest is a lady that for many years was part of the education system.

She has spent her time working as a high school library teacher in Massachusetts, before making the leap to go the entrepreneurial route.

And of course throughout that time would have seen literally hundreds of children come and go.

Some that their peer group would have said would have been destined for greatness, and others that would have been classed as a lost cause.

Others that struggled and batted to gain an education, whilst others just drifted through the system and still came out with best grades.

Is it down to the system, the kids, or the home life that brings about such different results?

Well she has a combined approach of improving how we teach people. Finding the methods that will allow children to learn difficult stuff that their brains are not just suited for.

And also helping to bring about order and calm in the home, when everyday seems exactly the same as the day before, and most of it is a whirlwind of running from one practice or rehearsal or meeting to another, with no real communication or connection among family members.

But is this not just how life is? Do we not all simply have to go through the period of having our life spiral out of control due to the requirements of our children?

And now with appearances on TV, Radio and the online word she is the go to expert to help us reclaim our lives and improve the lives of our children

So lets find out what made her step out on her own and be such a success so quickly, as we bring onto the show to start joining up dots with the one and only Deborah Owen

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