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If you are an entrepreneur, businessman or just someone who is looking to impress then todays guest is the go to lady if you are a guy who likes to look good, but hasn't got the first idea how to pull it off.

Or perhaps you are the kind of guy that has a style thing going on, but you are looking for a bit of quick inspiration instead of traipsing around the shops on a weekend.

Combining the best of fashion, food, travel and fitness, all from the perspective of a female, guys across the world have at their fingertips the perfect guide to help them have it all.

As she says "I want my readers to have it all. The swagger, the girl, the great meal, the adventure. All of it."

But although the platform is going from strength to strength, her journey started about as far as possible away from the heady world of online fashion advice as possible.

Starting her career back in 2001 in a customer relations position for Bumble and bumble a fast-growing, luxury hair care brand located in NYC, she then went into Government affairs for three years, before doing a myriad of positions that filled time more than exploded her passions.

In fact it wasn't until performing a favour to a friend by starting Style Girlfriend, did it then turn into a syndicated national newspaper column, and later as a men’s style blog, and as they say the rest is history.

So what does she think is the number one mistake that men make when throwing on something each morning?

Picking it off the floor where they left it the night before, or something far more serious?

And what is her fascination with 70's movie star Steve McQueen?

Well lets find out as we bring onto the show to start joining up dots, the one and only Style girlfriend herself, Megan Collins

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