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Todays guest is a lady working in the northern town of Harrogate in the UK, who is the founder of "The Career Farm", where she inspires people across the globe to not look for a career, but instead grow one.

You see career farm, growing...yep it all makes sense.

She doesn't believe that people are proactive enough in the way they go about earning a living,  with the standard response to most people being the "Well it's a job isn't it" kind of response.

She feels that we should be planning our development in the same way as a farmer plans what crops they will sow for maximum yield.

We should be sowing the seeds that will help us reap bountiful rewards later on in our careers.

She started her career as a Chartered Surveyor before re-training as a career coach, but in 1999 found her entrepreneurial spirit when she founded her  first company, focusing on the supply of careers services and information products to Business Schools across the UK and Europe.

But in June 2012 as her business grew more successful, her belief that there was more to offer the world, and of course more to come from herself led her to selling her stake in the company and creating the "Career Farm."

And it looks like she was right to do so, as with her well received book "If not now, when? How to take charge of your career", her top ranked podcast "Mission Driven Entrepreneurs" , and  myriad of other things helping people to feel fulfilled in their careers, she is certainly busier than ever.

But when did she realise that people needed to grow their careers, and being true to herself was she always growing her own?

And where does she see the biggest challenegs facing the working population nowadays?

Well let's find out as we bring onto the show, to start joining up dots, the one and only Jane Barrett

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