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Dec 28, 2014

Todays guest has been on a path for over 45 years, which so many people across the world will be able to resonate with.

She was a binge eater.

Finding huge comfort and them ultimate distress in her relationship with food.

For 45 years, she went through the yo-yo dieting/binge cycle time after time.

Her weight would balloon 40 or 50 pounds, and then she would diet to try recapture her body, depriving herself of all the foods she enjoyed.

She was trapped and didn't know how to escape from the lifestyle that was anything but a happy one.

She suffered the shame, guilt and embarrassment of feeling out of control that every binge eater feels, wondering what was wrong with her and what others must think of her as they watched her gain the weight back over and over.

But now as the creator of the "magic zone" system where she teaches people how to eat what they want in moderation, never feeling deprived and never feeling compelled to binge, she hasn't binged once.

And with her online platform Peaceful Eater and her best selling book  Stop Binge Eating and Start Living Again she seems to have found her place in life.

So was she always a lady that even a child had a relationship with food that wasn't conducive to peace of mind and healthy living?

And does she find that people struggle more and more with eating disorders as the media increase their focus on beauty and gorgeous celebrities?

Well lets find out as we bring onto the show to start joining up dots with the one and only Julie Latz.