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Todays guest entrepreneur waiting to be interviewed on the Steve Jobs free business podcast interview, is a man who is fascinated with the process of entrepreneurship.

What makes someone fight through so many obstacles to achieve success?

Why do some people seem to literally have no obstacles and breeze through to a life of abundance and fulfilment?.

Well todays guest has taken it on himself to go out and discover for himself, and in return developed a life of freedom and career success.

With his online video resource “Trep Talks” he has managed to have one on one conversations with the likes of Tim Ferries and Guy Kawasaki to name just two.

So how has he positioned himself to get into the minds of such startling successful folk?

Well I certainly have the motivation to do find out.

But “Trep Talks” is just one small area of a life that must keep him madly busy, as he is also an experienced eCommerce professional, and founder of, with a passion for  Yoga and fulfilling the role of Energy practitioner , which I’ll be honest I’m not sure what that is at all.

So let me find out as much as I can whilst I have the chance to talk with the one and only super entrepreneur himself Sushant Misra


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