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When I asked todays entrepreneur to come on the show and share with us how she has created a career that gives her success and freedom everyday, she responded with "thank you so much for your delicious invitation, I love delicious conversations, wishing you a delicious day"

Yes this lady loves the word delicious, and it's not a surprise that she uses such a gushing word, as she is loving her life and what she gets to do everyday.

She has been having entrepreneurial adventures since 1980.

Initially, they were vicarious adventures while she worked directly with CEOs of small businesses.

As she says "I call those years my “entrepreneurial boot camp” experience."

I didn't really know what type of career it was that I wanted.

Then after earning her MBA in 1989 she went to work at a large national bank as a corporate lender for three years.

But can now see that this was not a culture she could ever thrive in … it’s a risk adverse environment, after all… but as she says "I felt it was important to add strong financial analysis and credibility to my resume, so I made the sacrifice. "

However in 1992 she to the leap of faith and left the banking industry and began her entrepreneurial career… and what a ride it’s been!

From a boot-strapped consulting business to an $8 million venture backed dot com business, to a food manufacturing business funded by angel money, to a highly interactive online business fueled by a charming personality and a strong sense of humor… it’s been a wild and exciting journey.

So where did she get the adventurous spirit which has allowed her to take risks that lead to high rewards?

And looking back and joining up the dots, does the sacrifice she made leading towards her big leap when working in the bank seem necessary, or was it a step away from her true path the job that she really was deserving to get?

Well lets find out as we bring onto the show to start joining up dots, with the one and only business expert Ande Lyons.

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