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Our guest today is one of the founding members of the Higher Purpose Project,which we have discussed with our previous guests Ginger Kern and Dan Adams.A powerful collection of individuals that have taken it on themselves to create a platform for dreamers,high achievers and goal setters, to channel their passions and overcome their fears.With a tagline of "Be Your Own Hero" the project is going from strength to strength as the world wakes up to what can be achieved if we only take action.But this is just one part of what this lady fills her time with, as not just in group situations but individually through coaching, workshop facilitating, and self development she helps others to identify their true path in life and grab hold of the life that they deserve.

But how does she do this?How does she find the key to the lock,where others have been looking for that key all their life?

Well lets find out about this, the Higher Purpose Project and of course by starting Joining Up Dots, with the one and only Jeanine Cerundolo


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