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Todays guest is a man who, well I dont do this very often but the introduction is in his own words. And you'll see why I haven't written the thing myself this time.

Im a world changer. Now before you think Im an egotistical, too big for my britches, jerk, I think we are all world changers. If we werent born to change the world, we’re unnecessary.

In a nutshell, I arrived at my world changer philosophy after being fired four times (twice by the same company and once by my own dad just try to top that!), after facing 42 years in prison, after starting two companies that rose and fell like the Roman Empire, and after getting married, having a wonderful wife and then daughter, I finally realized my true purpose in life."


So where do I start first? With the 42 years prison stretch? Or that Dad who sacked him? That is harsh in anyone's book.

Or perhaps I should go with the moment he found his own path in life, that has been world changing for him and of course the world?

Or perhaps we should just probe into his skills of affiliate marketing which has been so lucrative for him both personally and professionally over the years?

Im going to love this conversation, as I bring onto the show to start Joining Up the Dots of his life, with the one and only Matt McWilliams


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