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Todays guest is more than an entrepreneur.

This is a lady who was has travelled the world to find her true path in life.

Searching for the freedom that her life growing up in China couldn't have offered to her.

As you can guess growing up in China, she had a childhood that was so very different to her life now in America.

The words culture shock do not really seem to do justice to the obstacles that  she had to overcome once setting foot in the country she now calls home.

In the states she pursued education with a passion, and studied to become a dentist, finally owning her own very successful practice.

And that for many would have been job done, but like her husband Joel Boggess she felt something was missing.

She felt drawn to creating a better world for others.

And so together this powerhouse of a married team, have taken it on themselves to create their own business built around coaching, podcasting, writing and being hugely positive to create a future that is 100% percent unique to themselves.

So there is no better time than today to bring onto the show and start joining up the dots with the one and only podcasting legend: Dr Pei Kang.

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