Todays episode of Join Up Dots will be a solo show answering several business questions that listeners of the show have been sending to us over the last few weeks.

Most of them, that we receive into the Join Up Dots office are in connection with those first fledging moments of building an online business.

It could be that they are unsure of the direction, concept or simply whether they should start.


So with no more further ado The Questions

Hi David, this might be a stupid question but what is the true difference in your view of having and offline and online business. I know one will be cheaper but is there anything else?    Marcel Hadden. Israel

David i have been hearing more and more that blogs are dead. If that is the case how can i start my own online business. I'm not comfortable with showing myself on video or on a podcast. Kind regards and keep rocking Marjorie Triffin, Yorkshire

Hi David and the Join Up Dots team, what makes you keep on doing what you do? Its a simple question but one that I ponder, as so many other podcasters stop it seems. Barnaby Jacks 

Yo David my man, loving the content fella (as you UK dudes say). I'm going to launch my first billion dollar business and want the world to know. You say it on air, and ill make it retreating its failure beating time. JJ M. Crompton, Los Angeles.

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