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Apr 27, 2022

Are You Winning To Fail Like Tony Hawk?

Have you ever heard of the top skateboarder Tony Hawk?

Well I haven't overly heard of Tony until yesterday, but after watching a documentary yesterday I am now a fan for sure.

Not because of the skills that he has developed over the years, but 100% due to the commitment and inability to give up when he has decided to go after something.

As you will hear on todays podcast one of the fastest ways to bring success into your life is by convincing your brain that it has already occurred previously, as your brain can't decide on what is real so starts to make it real.

Yeah, i know that this sounds weird and unbelievable in the extreme for so many people out there, but its true.

So listen and enjoy as we break through the barrier to the life that we deserve and should be getting.