Introducing Michael Dash Today's guest joining us on the show is Michael Dash, a man with a desire to throw himself into work and life to such a degree it almost brought an early end to his journey. He is an entrepreneur, business owner, author, speaker, coach, and philanthropist. # He has had a collection of unique experiences from “chasing the high” with his prior gambling addiction to overcoming adversity when his business partner conspired against him. He now has put this roller-coaster of a life into a new book interesting enough called  “Chasing the High“. Covering adversity through the entrepreneurial journey, he talks about his never ending pursuit of “chasing the high”, how he overcame his battle with addiction as well as legal battles with business partners who have literally tried to destroy him and his reputation and business. How The Dots Joined Up For Michael Throughout the book, he focuses on sharing his tips for battling adversity, how the smallest action can create the biggest result, and how uncovering a different way to think and approach life’s challenges can turn your entire attitude into a much healthier, grateful way to live. If you want to feel inspired to live your best life professionally and personally, “Chasing the High” is the book for you. As he say “My story resonates with entrepreneurs and professionals in the figurative ‘trenches.’ My mission is to use my difficulties and eventual rise to inspire them to find balance while building for success.”  So was he always on this path to self destruction and ultimate redemption or was their a defining moment that changed his life forever? And now with hindsight being a marvellous thing, can he see others following a similar path long before they can themselves? Well let's find out as we bring onto the show to start joining up dots with the one and only Mr Michael Dash Show Highlights During the show we talked about such weighty subjects with Michael Dash such as: Why Michael sees a huge challenge in the way that the world operates at such a high speed nowadays. People are always looking for the next stimulation.  We discuss the thrill that Michael felt placing a bet, never dependent on the result of the bet in any shape or form. When Michael was in the legal battle he was hooked on Adril, a powerful drug that causes lots of issues across America. and lastly............... Why people really don't care anymore in life, no matter how close they are to you. You are more likely to gain support from complete strangers 

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