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Elephant Learning founder Dr Aditya Nagrath is our guest today joining us on the Steve Jobs inspired Join Up Dots podcast.

Dr. Aditya Nagrath is a visionary leader on a mission to change the way that the world teaches mathematics. Dr. Nagrath is the co-founder of Elephant Learning Math Academy which is a gamification of a proven curriculum.

On average, children in Elephant Learning, learn 1.5 years of mathematics in 10 weeks using the system just 30 minutes per week. Dr. Nagrath, at age 14, taught himself C++ and continued on to read books on game development and neural networks which are the basis for modern day artificial intelligence. He graduated from the University of Denver with a dual major of Mathematics and Computer Science, continuing on to graduate school while working full time as a software developer to graduate with a PhD in Mathematics & Computer Science 7 years later. How The Dots Joined Up For Elephant Learning After at decade in University, Dr. Nagrath graduated to found Elephant Head Software where he lead a team of no more than 10 engineers to bring over 35 different product lines with over 50 different applications to market between 2009 and 2016. In 2016, Dr. Nagrath co-founded Elephant Learning with Professor Alvaro Arias from the University of Denver in order to bring transformational change to America's education system. As he says "3 out of 4 students are not proficient at High School Mathematics, leading to 69% of STEM majors switching majors to a major with less mathematics. Math deficiencies happen completely amongst income lines leading to a preservation of the cycle of poverty as mathematic scores often predict high school drop out and over all scores." So how do you get a business like this up and running to such great success? And where do people go wrong when tackling an issue like this? Focusing in on the kids, more than the pain of the parents? Well let's find out as we bring onto the show to start joining up dots with the one and only Dr. Aditya Nagrath Show Highlights During the show we discussed such deep subjects with Elephant learning founder Aditya Nagrath such as: Dr Aditya shares the reasons why the first thing you must do is to simplify the product to take away any of the confusion that could keep it from succeeding. Why its so important to get your branding right at the very have to get one word in the customers mind. We discuss the personal loan that he made to the business, proving that he truly believed in his vision. And lastly........... Why he has built a product that appeals to the global market, instead of going tight and niche like most common advice would have encouraged. Connect With Aditya Nagrath From Elephant Learning Website Linkedin Facebook

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