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Motivation is on the cards today. Our guest today entrepreneur joining us on the Steve Jobs inspired business podcast, has for the last twenty or so years traveled the world on a mission.

A mission to help others develop the skills in their careers which are required to be the best leaders they can.He originally trained as a physiotherapist,but became curious about what makes the difference in performance whilst working with athletes.

How do some athletes seem to find that extra something that pushes them on to glory, whilst not being obviously more gifted than the rest.This led him to study positive psychology, hypnosis, NLP, organisational behaviour and leadership, NeuroSemantics, Meta-Coaching, and even traditional Chinese medicine.So with all that information literally exploding from him, its not surprising that he has also published two books, one that is somewhat expected, and another that I found a bit of a surprise.Self Leadership – How to become a more successful, efficient and effective leader from the inside out.Flirting 101 – How to Charm your way to way to love, friendship and success.So really where do we start, when we have a guest that can not only push us onwards towards promotion and career success, but can also ensure that we get a bit of hanky panky every now and again too.

Let me introduce you to today’s amazing guest, the leadership guru, the career expert, the amazing UK entrepreneur Mr Andrew Bryant


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