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Pinterest is where todays guest has channeled her passion, and todays guest entrepreneur was someone who I just knew was a person that I wanted to have on the show, as she has a story to tell that I found fascinating.

Like so many people in the world,this lady had a career which she balanced with being a fulltime mother and wife to her beloved family.

Everyday she went to work, as a fulltime radiation oncology nurse, and every evening she came back and probably did the same kind of things as most Mothers.

She dealt with the dinner, the washing, and all the other things that us men try to get out of doing.

Not a great deal of freedom in that lifestyle for sure

But unlike many people with the same responsibilities, she didn’t just play safe and continue with her career until retirement, as deep down a fire burned brightly.A fire to go out on her own, and create her own business…in the online world of Pinterest.But how did she convince her family, that it was time for a change?How did she gain the support of her husband to make such a bold move?Well I don’t know but back in 2012, she walked into her medical career for the last time, and quite simply hasn’t looked back.Although I’m going to ask her just that today, as the powerhouse of Pinterest, is ready to look back over her life to “Join Up Dots”.So welcome to the show the lovely and talented Cynthia Sanchez.


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