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Do you ever have days or times when you would rather pull the duvet up over your head and let the world just get on with it? You either cant be bothered, or more likely you are doubting yourself and you think that you arent enough for what the world wants from you? I know that I struggle with this a lot and in this podcast episode I share a graduation speech from one of the creators of the global hit movie "Frozen" Jennifer Lee gets up and addresses a bunch of eager graduates as to the daily struggle that she has everyday to believe in herself and bring her talents to the world. As you will hear for years she fought against really putting herself out there, until she got a grip of herself and stopped allowing the doubts to freeze her to the spot. And as we know success came rappidly after that decision was made, ane every small child in the world would walk around singing "Let It Go" as loudly as they could. Its brilliant to see and its also brilliant to hear as without her inner belief increasing we wouldnt get such gifts. That is what we are hoping for from you too. Everyone of you who is reading this, and listening to the podcast has stuff in you that the world is waiting for. Huge sexy, bold, interesting and exciting stuff that will make the world sit up and take notice of you. Best of all your life will go from the humdrum boring world that you are potentially living in, to a world of riches, excitement ad experiences everyday. Enjoy

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