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Today's show is based around several emails that we have received over the last few weeks at Join Up Dots. We love receiving emails from people, as it shows us that you are ready to take action. You are starting to think things through, and that is where the real fun starts to occur Question Number One This message has been percolating in the back of my head for several weeks so I decided to send it off as an early Christmas present to myself. I shall try to be brief but want to explain where we are and how we got there ... I listen to , learn from and am motivated by your podcast, usually once or twice each week. My business partner (and husband) and I did what you advised against: started by creating a product we felt would be useful to an audience. The product has evolved from an online skills quiz game (failed), through a Flash phase (technology advanced) to its current state - an online product to help anyone involved in sales to close more deals as well as coaching. We have been working on getting this to the right market for several years (yes, years). To be honest, we have worked diligently and at times less diligently ... when our resolve weakened. Starting fall 2018, we resolved to correct our product's flaws (outdated website, Flash-filled content). Getting that all corrected took until this fall 2019. We focused on LinkedIn and, secondarily, YouTube to generate interest and get viewers to our site. It hasn't worked yet and we're now trying to figure out how to get to our unique bit of the market. LinkedIn has change quite a bit from what it used to be and no longer seems as business oriented as it did. Its business focus is what made it our choice, given that we are not fans of social media. Final information: we are considerably older than you so online needs to be our methodology. Now that I've blathered on, not sure if you can help. Guess I was hoping for some outside thoughts from you ... as well as finally connecting with you personally so you know I'm a fan. Our site is We transitioned from instructor led custom business skills seminars to our online product once we were no longer marketable. If you can offer any suggestions, terrific. If not, at least we've had a chat, albeit a rather one sided one, and that's fine, too. Regardless, have a wonderful Christmas and a successful, enjoyable 2020, whether you're in the back of your garden or travelling!! Best wishes, Linda Question Number Two Dear David, just wanted to drop you a line to say i'm loving that little extra story you share at the beginning of the show. It really shows the journey that you've been on, which i guess is why you have done it. Can i ask how different is your life now compared to when you worked in a corporate job? I guess the reason that I am asking is whether it is truly worth going after in the long term. Thank you for the honest answer I know that you will give me Art from Seattle Question Number Three Hi David, what social media platform would be best for my new business. I am aiming to start selling tennis equipment across the world and so many choices out there - JK from Brighton, America Question Number Four Hi David, I am a long term listener of the show and I want to say something that I have realised recently. I believe in you and what you tell me. I think in my heart of heart although i listened to your show religiously I felt that you were selling a dream that wasn't for me. Something clicked in one of your previous episodes when the guest said "it doesn't have to be right, it just has to be something moving you forward". That stopped me in my tracks, and made me realise the genius of your dots branding. I wish that i could go back in time and listen to all the shows now to see if I feel differently and grasp what you have been telling us for years. I still dont know what I am wanting to do, but I do now believe. That is my starter gun. Thank you so so much for what you do Gerald Banks, Dayton Ohio

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