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Today's guest joining us on the Join Up Dots business coaching podcast is a Husband, Father of 3, Entrepreneurial Businessman, Coach, Consultant and constantly learning how to evolve into the Greatest Man I can be… As he says "I am passionate about helping Men release their Past Limiting Beliefs, Influences and Emotions so they can lift the weight of the World from their Mind and Step into the Man they want to be Mentally, Physically and Spiritually... After 20 years trying to “Have it All” in life,  I found myself feeling unfulfilled, unhappy and thinking their was something was wrong with me...  I hit rock bottom abusing Alcohol to numb the pain.... End of 2015, Greg and his wife were packing up our lives to move back to Australia. They had just spent two years living in Singapore – where he was stationed to setup a US company in South-East Asia. They made the decision to move to an area where they had never lived before and they had big plans to start my own business after 20+ years in Corporate. How The Dots Joined Up For Greg He says "I decided to go all in and launch my own Consulting and Digital Marketing Agency I had all the skills and knowledge to set up the Business as I had done it before for other companies Although it took a bit of work to set up, it was exciting and fun, and I started getting great clients early on, yet I was not quite ready for the emotional roller-coaster that was about to follow. The business and revenue were growing, and so was my stress, worry, fear and anxiety. I started to see how comfortable I had it in Corporate and starting my own business started exposing years of ignoring and suppressing my emotions. Like most businessmen I wasn’t good at dealing with negative emotions and feelings so I used Alcohol to numb the pain and find some happiness on those shitty days! Emotionally things went from bad to worse… Anxiety, Stress and Self Sabotage with Alcohol were taking over my life and I didn’t have the comfy corporate gig to hide behind … I still had to keep building, running and maintaining my new business to pay the bills and support my wife and 3 kids. And that is the perfect place to start today's show. So why do people, men in particular feel the need to shoulder such a burden on their own, without saying "Hey, having a wobble here, need a bit of help"? And looking back was there anything that could have made a big difference, or did he need the "heroes journey" to find the real place he should be? Well let's find out as we bring onto the show to start joining up dots with the one and only Greg Gillies Show Highlights During the show we discussed such big subjects with Greg Gillies such as: Greg shares the dawning realisation that he didn't have the emotional intelligence to build success in his own life, much to his surprise. Why you should have lived the pain point of your ideal avatar to truly bring strength of your business. Greg shares why he now feels that he needed the approval of others throughout his life, and never focused on what he truly wants. and lastly...... Why people across the world make up stories that keep themselves in place from achieving amazing success. Time to rewrite those stories.

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