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How to make money online without paying anything was posed to us today via a question received by email. It said "Dear David and Join Up Dots, I have been listening to your show on my commute to work everyday and have a question. Is it possible to advise how to make money online without paying anything as I would love to start my own business but i dont have anything that i can invest into it. Do you think this is possible nowadays? Should I think of something else before I think of doing this? Kind Regards James, South Africa Well in todays podcast episode we start breaking down some of the things that you can do to start making online today, whilst not using much of your own. There are literally hundreds of ideas that you can utilise online to get the cash, but most of them do take a long time to make a fulltime living. You are much better to take things seriously and start building your own online business that can change your life forever. So lets start with the top five. How To Make Money Online Without Paying Anything Idea One Get offline and start working on the oldest form of business creation BEFORE you bring it online. Relationship building and word of mouth connection have been used for thousands of years to create commerce. Whilst there isnt anyway that you can really scale a business in the long term without investing into it, you can certainly start for nothing. Think about what you have in your current armoury which can be used to provide value to someone else. Or perhaps you could borrow something from somebody and share the profits with them. Lawn mowing, painting, cleaning are all service based industries that are almost free to start. Think of all the Uber drivers in the world at the momentum being paid to use their own cars to ferry customers around. It may not be what you want to do when you ask the question how to make money online without paying anything it gets you earning cash to invest back. Make Money Online Without Your Own Cash Idea Two Google has a great tool which we have used ourselves in the past, and that is BLOGGER Using this free tool you can create a website basically for nothing, to start gaining traffic into your business for free. Once you have done this, then literally the world is your oyster when it comes to building online wealth. We started an online business this way and made around $30,000 per month, linking to Ebay to gain our traffic. The key to everything online (and I guess offline) is how can you provide value to someone who would recognise that value and pay for it. If you start simply trying to make cash then you will struggle for sure...its Value all the way that really works. Do your market research to find your ideas and then build upon them to get the traffic flowing. You can use this method to add affiliate links, whereby other companies pay you for the traffic they get from you. Adsense used to amazing for this, but this method has fallen down the pecking order over the years for many different reasons. Be Careful With This One But It Works Idea Three This is one of these ideas that have been used for ages by people around the world to make free cash online. Its not something that we recommend, without a strong caveat: You have to be sure of who you are and how you operate. The idea is based around being offered free bets by gambling companies. Within the UK, you have the ability to play around with matched bets, whereby you are betting on both outcomes win or lose. The idea is you dont care what the result is, you just want to get your hands on the free cash that is on the table afterwards. As we say when you ask the question how to make money online without paying anything this maybe not what you should be doing if you cant trust yourself to stay in control. But it would have been wrong for us not to mention it at least. There is a very good guide that walks you through this step by step here Earning Free Money Online Idea Four It might sound amazing, but it is true. Nowadays companies are willing to pay you for searching on the internet. Yes, simply go over to Google (you wont be paid for this search and type in "paid for searching the web") and see the opportunities that appear for you. The idea is the companies are splitting the profits from the products that you buy, or using the data that you leave to market to other people. You are giving them access to your history and internet traces. Now this might not be everyone's cup of tea for sure, but it made us sit up and take notice as basically it is "freecash" in the simplest terms. Similar to this is the cashback sites for using when shopping online which are very popular in the UK Making Free Money Online Idea Five Ebay arbitrage is a great little thing to get into. Basically when you think about How To Make Money Online Without Paying Anything you dont really think of Ebay, but you can do it for sure. All around the world Ebay has different market places selling the same products at different prices based on the exchange rate of currency in that country. So you can do this two ways, either find some old stuff you have hanging around and then search for the sites for where your profit will be higher. Now you maybe thinking "ooh that sounds like a lot of hard work, but there are tools around that you can use to make this simpler You can try out this one here from that will also help you out with the same idea on Amazon. 

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