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Ignite Your Potential is so hard to do. So many people in life, feel that what they do, is what they will do for the rest of their lives. They go into jobs that might inspire at the beginning, but over time, little by little start to become a drag. Every minute feels like an hour, everyday feels like a month. But they put up with it until its time for retirement, when they are free to mow the lawn, walk the dog, and have nice little naps in the afternoon. Well today’s guest joining us on Join Up Dots is a former senior Derby police officer, who since 1985 when he joined the force “saw the darkest side of humanity” as he says, while dealing with horrific murders and acts of violence. He retired at the rank of Superintendent on New Year’s Eve and, just the following day, picked up his first client after taking courses on hypnotherapy and life-coaching skills. In just short of a year, he has expanded his fledgling business and now has clients across the globe, who he helps via Skype. He says “In less than a year I have built up a client base that stretches to Australia, the USA, Europe and the Middle East and I have helped all ranges of people including chocoholics, nail biters and alcoholics. One of my earliest clients was a man who had suffered with a stutter for more than 30 years. Through hypnotherapy and life skills I have learned, we stripped back his problem to when he first started stuttering as a ten-year-old and within a short space of time I have helped him stop. He has since thanked me as it has given him a huge amount of confidence and enabled him to get a promotion at work. I am loving what I am doing, and my confidence has never been higher.” And this is a key part to what makes a business begin to flourish, its not the skills, its not the global reach, but it is certainly the personal confidence. The moment you truly begin to believe in yourself is when the world says “Right we think you can handle what we are going to give you, so make this into a success” So did he struggle with the “Oh god, this is my first client, I’m not ready for this” mentality after quitting the police force?” And now seeing the future forming in front him, would he have stayed in full-time employment as long if he had the chance to go back and change things?” Well lets find out as we bring onto the show, to start joining up dots with the one and only Mr. Kul Mahay Show Highlights During the show we discussed such weighty topics with Kul Mahay such as: Why he feels that the ability to change the world through the transformation of people is the most powerful statement that he can make, and why he takes it so seriously. How he recalls being scared of earning money in the early days of his business, and how he worked through those issues to find his true value. Why it is such a strange phenomenon across the world. how when you offer free tickets and huge value to the world people dont use it. There always has to be skin in the game. and lastly…. Why you have to be ruthless in regards to the people that you surround yourself with, as they will dip into your “energy wallet”. Protect the contents with your life. 

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